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Teamfight Tactics patch 11.9 official notes introduce the brand new set Reckoning

Teamfight Tactics patch 11.9 official notes introduce the brand new set Reckoning
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Teamfight Tactics patch 11.9 official notes introduce the brand new set Reckoning

Teamfight Tactics patch 11.9 is lastly right here, and the League of Legends-based board sport lastly brings the new set, Reckoning.

Reckoning will convey a ton of new traits, together with the Shadow Gadgets system, to boost the sport even additional.

Put together for Reckoning with the Patch 11.9 Notes. đź‘»

🗒️ Get all the particulars: https://t.co/r1QDE9kTo5 pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/NR5O9JUbiK

— Teamfight Tactics (@TFT) April 27, 2021

A few of the older gadgets will probably be returning as nicely. Nonetheless, they are going to be getting some tweaks with Reckoning. Some new gadgets will probably be added as nicely to the set, and the sport will play out loads otherwise than it did in the Fates set.

Teamfight Tactics gamers in search of an in depth description of the patch can have a look at Riot’s official web site.

Nonetheless. For a short overview, listed here are all the main highlights:

Teamfight Tactics patch 11.9 official notes

Stability has been damaged, and the Mist is coming.

Facet with the forces of order or the legions of chaos in TFT: Reckoning. pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/OY4JWymR63

— Teamfight Tactics (@TFT) April 27, 2021

#1. Reckoning Cross and Cross+ exclusives

Listed here are some highlights from the new 1295 RP Cross+ throughout TFT: Reckoning. As with previous passes, gamers will get rewards for gathering XP. However to unlock all the exclusives listed beneath, you’ll need to improve to the Cross+.

  • Emotes: God King Faceoff, Evil Grin, Please Spoil Me, and extra
  • Booms to have a good time your victories: Infernal Flock, Rune Surge, and Prismatic Smite
  • Star Shards to star-up your favourite Little Legends
  • LL Eggs: Magical Misfit Eggs, and extra
  • Arenas: Sanctum of Order, Realm of Concord, and Courtroom of Chaos
  • Chaos Pengu and Chaos Sprite

#2. Little Legends


Do you need to add a mystical mer-mage to your social gathering? Look no additional. Dowsie can adapt to almost all environment, so that you’ll need to lure them out.


Fenroar are fiercely loyal warriors. However don’t let the sword intimidate you. They turn into eternally certain to their Puproar in addition to their associates, which they make fairly simply after a spherical or two of fetch the orbs.


A crafty grasp of pace, traps, and thievery, Nimblefoot shortly turns any journey right into a mischievous misadventure.

#3. Ranked

  • When Reckoning goes dwell in your area with Patch 11.9, you’ll have the ability to begin climbing the ladder on this set’s first ranked stage. As a reminder, Grandmaster and Challenger are unlocked proper out of the gates.
  • Everybody will begin Reckoning in Iron II.
  • You’ll get 5 provisional matches after the reset, which means you received’t lose any LP for sub-top-four placements in your first 5 ranked video games of the new stage. You’ll additionally acquire additional LP for ending top-four.
  • Fates ranked rewards will probably be given out in Patch 11.10.
  • Gamers who reached Gold or greater at any level in the Fates set will obtain the Victorious Protector.
  • Gamers who managed to achieve Gold or greater in each halves of the set will obtain the Fates-themed Triumphant Protector as nicely.
  • Aggressive play in Hyper Roll goes to work a bit otherwise. Everybody will begin in Grey tier and progress all through a Colour system climaxing in Hyper Tier.

#4. Hyper Roll

It’s right here! TFT’s first official lab, Hyper Roll, is the place you may roll sooner and tougher than a three-star Dango.

Reckoning set mechanic

Shadow Gadgets are a new set mechanic. You’ll be able to examine them intimately right here.

#5. Shadow gadgets

  • Shadow Parts can seem in each carousel after the first one, in addition to in the Armory.
  • You solely want one Shadow part to create a accomplished Shadow Merchandise. The opposite part is usually a regular one. Two shadow elements additionally create a accomplished Shadow Merchandise.
  • When used accurately, Shadow Gadgets are extra highly effective than base gadgets. But when used carelessly, they will trigger your crew extra hurt than good.

#6. The Armory

The Armory isn’t unique to Reckoning, but it surely’s making its debut right here. It’s core to Hyper Roll and can possible stick round for TFT’s future.

Armory is a pop-up store the place you choose an merchandise from a few choices as you’d a champion. This stuff are free, however you may solely take one per Armory. You’ll be able to, and sometimes ought to, choose up Shadow elements right here.

#7. Techniques

Unit motion

Champions now consider their actions earlier than committing when chasing enemy items

  • Previous: If a unit’s goal strikes out of its Assault Vary, it would transfer one hex to try to get again in vary, after which re-evaluate its goal if nonetheless not in vary
  • New to Reckoning: If a unit’s goal strikes out of its Assault Vary, it would consider if transferring one hex would put it again into vary. If not, it would instantly re-evaluate its goal
  • Assassins now persistently bounce first earlier than different champions transfer at the begin of fight.

#8. Mana technology

In earlier units, when you put lots of tanky gadgets on a personality, they turn into extra environment friendly at producing mana. Now, stacking defensive gadgets received’t permit you to generate wild quantities of mana. Nevertheless it’ll nonetheless be good.

  • Previous: Six % of injury taken pre-mitigation is gained as mana
  • New: One % pre-mitigation and 7 % post-mitigation injury taken is gained as mana

#9. Skill and merchandise conventions updates

Some means phrases and interactions are being up to date for consistency.

  • Assault Vary is now calculated in Hexes
  • Spell Energy is renamed to Skill Energy
  • Primary assaults are renamed to only “assaults”
  • All bodily injury, from talents or assaults, can now critically strike and be dodged
  • All Energetic Skills (talents that aren’t Passive, like Vayne’s Silver Bolts) can now be blocked by Entice Claw
  • Merchandise icons have been up to date
Image via Riot Games
Picture by way of Riot Video games

#10. Store card glow

In case you personal a replica of a champion, playing cards of the similar champion will glow in your outlets.

Store odds

Throughout Fates, hitting a three-star four-cost was made simpler with the Chosen system. With its removing, the devs are rebalancing a few of the Store odds adjustments they needed to make to stability the Chosen system.

  • Stage 7: 22/35/30/12/1 % ⇒ 19/35/30/15/1 %
  • Stage 8: 15/25/35/20/5 % ⇒ 15/20/35/25/5 %

#11. Spherical timers

The devs have lower a number of seconds out of moments the place you’re not doing a lot to permit for extra playtime and fewer “useless” time. That is particularly essential as a result of the devs are including time onto a number of phases with the new Armory system.

  • Opening Carousel: Time To Gate Opening: 13 seconds to 11 seconds
  • Opening Carousel: Choose Time: 10 seconds to eight seconds
  • Stage 1-2 Planning Part: 12 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Stage 1-3 Planning Part: 20 seconds to fifteen seconds
  • PVE Rounds Arrival Time: Six seconds to 4 seconds
  • All Carousels Choose Time: Eight seconds to 6 seconds
  • All Carousels Extra time for closing picks: 5 seconds to 3 seconds

#12. Carousel odds

Much less randomness, barely extra Spatulas, nonetheless a little bit of variance.

  • Stage 2 and 4 Carousel: Certainly one of all: 80 % to 76 %
  • Stage 2 and 4 Carousel: Certainly one of all and 1 Spat: 15 % to 22 %
  • Stage 2 and 4 Carousel: 3 Spats and Random Gadgets: 5 % to 2 %
  • Stage 3 Carousel: Certainly one of all: 30 % to 50 %
  • Stage 3 Carousel: 9 Random Parts: 50 % to 33 %
  • Stage 3 Carousel: Certainly one of all and 1 Spat: 15 %
  • Stage 3 Carousel: 3 Spats and Random Gadgets: 5 % to 2 %

#13. Tiebreaker replace

The builders have added a new tiebreaker, which kicks in if gamers are nonetheless tied after the first two tiebreakers (detrimental well being and well being previous to elimination). The new tiebreaker is “received a spherical extra not too long ago.”

#14. Up to date gadgets

Merchandise Uncooked State Deflations

Most base stats for part gadgets and the accomplished gadgets they produce have been decreased. It will decelerate the energy ramp that champions expertise when getting their gadgets.

  • Spell Energy to Skill Energy
  • BF Sword Assault Injury: 15 to 10
  • Recurve Bow Assault Velocity: 15 % to 10 %
  • Needlessly Giant Rod Spell Energy: 15 to 10
  • Chain Vest Armor: 25 to twenty
  • Negatron Cloak Magic Resist: 25 to twenty
  • Big’s Belt Well being: 200 to 150
  • Sparring Gloves Crit Likelihood: 10 % to 5 %
  • Some Accomplished gadgets constructed from Sparring Gloves misplaced 5 % Dodge as an alternative
  • Infinity Edge didn’t lose 5 % Crit as a result of we would like it to nonetheless grant 100% Crit Likelihood

#15. Up to date basic gadgets

Returning gadgets have been up to date to accommodate the adjustments in Reckoning. This stuff have deflated uncooked stats based mostly on their elements (see above). A number of of these things have been reworked, whereas many have simply been adjusted.

  • The next gadgets at the moment are Distinctive (don’t stack them, it received’t work nicely): Entice Claw, Sunfire Cape, Guardian Angel, Frozen Coronary heart
  • Bloodthirster NEW EFFECT: The primary time the wearer would fall beneath 40 % Well being, they acquire a protect equal to 30 % most Well being for five seconds. It nonetheless provides Lifesteal as nicely
  • Dragon’s Claw REWORKED: Grants 200 bonus Magic Resist (together with elements)
  • Frozen Coronary heart Assault Velocity Gradual: 50 % to 35 %
  • Frozen Coronary heart Radius: One to 2 Hexes
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Armor and Magic Resist per Enemy: 20 to 18
  • Big Slayer Bonus Injury over 1,750: 80 % to 70 %
  • Hand of Justice Now grants +40 Assault Injury and Spell Energy as an alternative of +40 % elevated injury
  • Luden’s Echo to Archangel’s Workers
  • Archangel’s Workers (Luden’s Echo REPLACEMENT): Every time the wearer casts their spell, they acquire Spell Energy equal to 35 % of their most Mana
  • Fast Firecannon Bonus Assault Vary: +200 % to +1 Hex
  • Fast Firecannon Assault Velocity: 20 % to 40 %, a heavy compensation for shedding some assault vary
  • Redemption REWORKED: The wearer radiates an aura to allies inside one Hex, therapeutic them for 25 % of their lacking Well being each 5 seconds. Allies affected by the aura take 40 % decreased injury from area-of-effect assaults
  • Morellonomicon Therapeutic Discount: 75 % to 50 %
  • Runaan’s Hurricane Bolt Injury: 80 % to 75 % of Assault Injury
  • Spear of Shojin now grants Mana On Assault as an alternative of On Hit, thereby eradicating its synergy with Hurricane
  • Spear of Shojin Mana per on Assault: 5 to eight
  • Statikk Shiv can not crit
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: On Crit to On Hit
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: 60 % to 70 %
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: Six to 5 seconds
  • Titan’s Resolve stacks now enhance Assault Injury and Spell Energy by two as an alternative of accelerating injury by two %
  • Zeke’s Herald Assault Velocity: 30 % to 25 %
  • Zephyr now pierces CC immunity results (ie: Quicksilver, Verdant)
  • Zz’Rot taunt now occurs instantly. Taunt is an instantaneous impact that not compels enemies which might be taunted to chase the goal for one second. As a substitute, enemies can retarget as soon as if not in vary
  • Zz’Rot Well being and Assault Injury now scale based mostly on the present Stage somewhat than the Star Stage of the wearer

#16. Shadow gadgets

Shadow gadgets are made with a shadow part and both a daily or a shadow part. They’re highly effective however have trade-offs.

  • Sacrificial Infinity Edge
  • Shroud of Darkness
  • Trickster’s Gloves
  • Vengeful Entice Claw
  • Caustic Quicksilver
  • Last Whisper
  • Sacrificial Gauntlet
  • Hand of Vengeance
  • Spectral Spear of Shojin
  • Frozen Darkish Coronary heart
  • Sacrificial Redemption
  • Chalice of Malice
  • Statikk Stiletto
  • Archdemon’s Workers of Immortality
  • Very Darkish Blue Buff
  • Hextech Gunblade of Immortality
  • Locket of the Silver Lunari
  • Mor-evil-lonomicon
  • Ionic Darkish-Spark
  • Guinsoo’s Sacrificial Rageblade
  • Rabadon’s Caustic Deathcap
  • Caustic Deathblade
  • Fallen Guardian Angel
  • Zeke’s Bleak Herald
  • Riskthirster
  • Evil Big Slayer
  • Titan’s Revenge
  • Unstable Zz’Rot Portal
  • Runaan’s Untamed Hurricane
  • Eclipse Cape
  • Warmog’s Sacrificial Armor
  • Turbulent Zephyr
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate of Immortality
  • Refracted Bramble Ves
  • Refracted Dragon’s Claw
  • Fast Deathcanno

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