The antivirus tablet is ready for the treatment of Covid 19

The antivirus tablet is ready for the treatment of Covid 19
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The antivirus tablet is ready for the treatment of Covid 19

The antivirus tablet is ready for the treatment of Covid 19


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There have been many attempts in the world to treat covid, but they are not very effective. Researchers are trying to develop some antiviral drugs that can be easily taken in pill form. Antiviral drugs are already being used to treat many viral infections, such as hepatitis C and AIDS. For example, Tamiflu is a well-known drug for the treatment of influenza. Drugs developed to treat and prevent viral infections in humans and animals work differently. But by modifying it, they can be used to boost immunity against infection. These drugs can prevent the virus from entering healthy cells or reduce the amount of active virus in the body.

Three antiviral drugs for covid are currently under discussion. The clinical trial of Molnupiravir has been completed. Clinical trials of the remaining two are underway. Molnupiravir is developed by Merck & Co. and Ridgeback Biotherapy. The other two antiviral drugs include a drug called PF 07321332 from Pfizer and a drug called AT-527 from Roche and AT Pharmaceuticals. Merck has announced the interim results of clinical trials of his drug. The company claims that Molnupirveer Kovid halves the risk of death. The company will apply for emergency use of this drug. If approved, it would be Kovid’s first antiviral drug in the world. This drug was originally developed to treat influenza.

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Antiviral drugs block the ability of the virus to multiply in human cells. Molanupiravir prevents the spread of the virus in the body by creating errors in its genetic code. Its use reduces the viral load of the patient and shortens the time of infection. This drug also inhibits the dangerous immune response, causing the covid to take a severe form. So far only one antiviral drug, remedesivir, has been approved for the treatment of covid. But is given by intravenous injection to hospitalized patients. It is not widely used in the early stages of the disease. On the other hand, new antiviral drugs can be packaged in pill form. Preliminary studies on rats have shown that molanupiravir can prevent the initial fever caused by the corona virus. The formula for the drug was discovered at Emory University in the United States, which was later acquired by Ridgeback and Merck. This was followed by clinical trials. In a test involving 202 volunteers for the first time last spring, Molnupiravir rapidly reduced the level of the infectious virus.

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Pfizer began experimenting with phases 2 and 3 of its drug from September 1st. Company officials say they expect Phase 2 and 3 results by the end of the year. If their results are positive and they are approved for emergency use, their delivery can begin soon. This means that these drugs will be available to millions of people in the United States. The drug will be in pill form which will have to be taken five to ten days after the confirmation of covid.

Previously no one was interested in antiviral drugs. But now the fierce competition is on. Last June, the Biden administration agreed to buy them after getting permission. Some experts believe that unlike monoclonal antibody therapy, these drugs cannot replace vaccination. At the same time, researchers are trying to find out if antiviral drugs can be used in disease prevention. If the prophylactic test of the drug is successful, the drug can be given to everyone at home or at school.

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