The Beach Bum, starring Matthew McConaughey, is an insufferable stoner 'comedy'

The Beach Bum, starring Matthew McConaughey, is an insufferable stoner 'comedy'
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The Beach Bum, starring Matthew McConaughey, is an insufferable stoner 'comedy'

Matthew McHunky McConaughey performs Moondog, a washed-up pothead poet with a Peter Pan syndrome in Unity Korine’s The Seaside Bum, which first had its premiere on the SXSW pageant in 2019. Coming from a director who made the terrifying (there is no longer any higher description) 2012 crime comedy Spring Breakers, I did now not preserve any expectations from this one. And boy, conclude I indulge in being first-price.

Moondog is a neighborhood icon within the scenic trip vacation spot of Florida Keys. He is recognized much less for his literary accomplishments and extra for his wild escapades with practically half of the metropolis. He is a satisfied-fling-lucky character with stringy blonde hair and a greasy appeal that every one individuals appears to be to go looking out irresistible. In between the “wild satisfying” he has, he does area as much as log in a few phrases on his typewriter. And all of his indulgences are conveniently funded by his filthy wealthy foremost different Minnie (Isla Fisher). Moondog is who I really feel about David Wooderson (additionally carried out by McConaughey) from Dazed and Burdened grew as much as be.

The Seaside Bum does now not preserve a substantive anecdote, it first-price follows a doped up center-historical man who reveals no self-awareness and by no association faces any penalties for his actions. The whole lot in the least instances works out for him. Is it his white privilege? Possibly. He is coasting via life in the end at a time, having enjoyable along with his foremost different’s generational wealth — I compose this assumption due to we’re by no association advised why Minnie is filthy wealthy. For the anecdote to proceed, he is compelled to reckon with a drastic swap in his life.

Though The Seaside Bum claims to be a stoner comedy, I now not steadily cracked a smile. There might presumably be nothing foolish about Moondog’s drunken/stoned shenanigans. Korine doubtlessly meant for his anecdote to keep up a deep wanting to it: one factor alongside the traces of the “Reside fast, die youthful” school of thought. In a nutshell, The Seaside Bum is improbable a few center-historical dude-bro, by a dude-bro, for different dude-bros.

The Beach Bum starring Matthew McConaughey is an insufferable stoner comedy

A serene from The Seaside Bum

Additional all but once more and all but once more than now not to expertise an absurd film, it’s foremost to immerse your self within the protagonist’s world and settle for that the foundations they observe are first-price diversified. Or not it’s laborious to conclude that with The Seaside Bum, due to it does now not supply a particular expertise. It practically appears to be love Korine imagined the character of Moondog and because of this fact constructed a narrative spherical his supposed quirks. There are apparent sequences that compose no sense and supply nothing to the association. I might presumably properly properly now not encourage however draw again gazing Moondog develop oral intercourse on Minnie as she will get a pedicure or when Moondog escapes rehab along with his up to date pyromaniac buddy Flicker (Zac Efron). Collectively they descend an oldschool man off his wheelchair to settle his cash.

McConaughey is the actual likelihood to play this character — whether or not or now not he is the frightened Rust Cohle in Upright Detective or the hauntingly beautiful lead in 2000s romantic comedies love Easy methods to Lose a Man in 10 Days and The Ghosts of Girlfriends Previous or Ron Woodroof in Dallas Merchants Membership — the person in the least instances will get the duty first-price. Snoop Dogg, who is thought of as Lingerie, a threadbare model of his exact-self; Jonah Hill as Lewis, Moondog’s agent; Jimmy Buffet as himself; Martin Lawrence as Captain Whack, who claims to be a Vietnam Battle historic convey some momentum to the in any other case insufferable movie.

The movie’s background rating by John Debney is its different saving grace — a unique sonic traipse that pairs efficiently with the indie-film-neon-lights trustworthy that The Seaside Bum has occurring for it. There is a mix of songs from The Treatment (I shall revisit them over all but once more), and besides a tune ‘Moondog’ by Buffet and Uncle Snoop.

The conclusion: Why became this film made? Why did I understand it? Is there any association I can preserve my time encourage?

The Seaside Bum is streaming on MUBI India. 

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