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The best moveset for Salamence in Pokemon GO

The best moveset for Salamence in Pokemon GO
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The best moveset for Salamence in Pokemon GO

Salamence has all the time been harmful in battle and that’s no totally different in Pokemon GO.

The Dragon/Flying-type makes a fantastic accomplice in Pokemon GO to ship out into battle. Whether or not it’s in opposition to one other coach or an AI-controlled enemy in a Raid or Health club, Salamence can get the job achieved.


Dragon-type Pokemon are notoriously a number of the strongest in the whole sequence. With stable stats and the best moveset, Salamence may be the powerhouse of any Pokemon GO group.

The best moveset for Salamence in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Picture through Niantic

Salamence does best with each a Dragon-type Quick Assault and Charged Assault. This provides it a Similar Kind Assault Bonus for a bit of additional injury. After all, Pokemon positioned in a Pokemon GO Health club battle a bit in another way than these managed by a participant attacking the Health club, in a Raid, or a PVP battle.


The best moveset for Salamence on offense is Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor. These assaults in Pokemon GO will assist the controlling coach tackle any opponent with ease.

Dragon Tail would be the Quick Assault. It does 16.4 injury per second. It additionally offers 8.2 Vitality per second. It will construct up Vitality at a good tempo for the Charged Assault.

The Charged Assault, Draco Meteor, prices 100 Vitality to make use of. It does 50 injury per second with Salamence’s STAB. That’s 150 base injury contemplating how lengthy it takes to execute the assault.


The moveset for a defensive Salamence in Pokemon GO is a bit totally different. Dragon Tail stays the Quick Assault, however the Charged Assault adjustments. It turns into Outrage quite than Draco Meteor.

Dragon Tail stays the identical if Salamence is positioned to defend a Health club. Health club Pokemon in Pokemon GO are unaffected by transfer pace. They merely assault each two seconds.

That distinction is what makes Outrage a greater possibility for the Charged Assault. Outrage solely takes 50 Vitality to make use of and does a base injury of 110. 40 much less injury traded for 50 much less Vitality is not a foul deal in any respect.

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