The Best Scraper API for Crawling Any Website

Web crawling or web scraping is one of the most applied web tools in a majority of fields today. These web scrapers are a blessing for those who don’t have any programming skills.

The best web scraping API will allow you to extract essential information from different websites.

Such tools aid you in collecting various forms of data from the internet. Want to know about such tools?

Read on as the article decodes the top web scraping tools on the internet. Time to get enlightened!

Bright Data

Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati Networks, is the number 1 web data platform that ensures you get cost-effective ways for stable web data collection.

This tool is renowned for the effortless transition of unstructured data into different structured formats.

Moreover, it also provides a top-notch customer experience and is as compliant and transparent as possible.

With the new age Data Collector by Bright Data, you can get personalized and automated data to flow in a single dashboard, irrespective of the collection size.

The data sets will be customized according to user needs, from social network data and eCom trends to market research and competitive intelligence.


Zenscrape is a reputed data scraping API used for data extraction at scale, and there won’t be any blocking!

The web scraper will handle all the issues automatically. Additionally, you will experience the quickest response time in this industry with Zenscrape.

Irrespective of the number of requests, you will also have enough performance to complete your tasks in the best way.

However, you can use Zenscrape with various programming languages since the data needs to be retrieved through any HTTP client.

Users can also go for Javascript rendering and even render requests in a new-age headless Chrome browser.

So, the website generates just like actual browsers. All you need to do is focus on the code parsing; Zenscrape will do the rest data aggregation.


Octoparse is one of the most robust web scraping tools on the internet, which can extract almost any type of data available on websites.

This tool works well for websites with extensive capabilities and functionalities. There are currently two modes – Advanced mode and Wizard mode.

The main reason behind the two different modes is that people who are not as efficient as programmers can also use them.

Furthermore, the point-and-click interface is user-friendly and can aid you in the complete extraction process.

This ensures that pulling web content gets easier and you can save it to structured formats such as HTML, TXT, Excel, or even your database in the nick of time.


HTTrack is a highly effective website crawler freeware that is well equipped for downloading a complete website.

This web crawler comes with different versions based on Windows, Sun Solaris, Unix Systems, and Linux, among others.

With HTTrack, you mirror a single site or even many sites together through shared links.

However, you can choose the number of connections to open as you download the selected web pages under the set options.

There will be options for resuming interrupted downloads and getting the files and photos along with the HTML code from the mirrored website.

Not just that, you will also find proxy support that maximizes the speed within the application.

The HTTrack is based on a command-line program and works like a bridge between professional and private use.

It is the right fit for people with advanced programming and technology skills.

Cyotek WebCopy

If you are looking for illustrative web scraping free APIs marketplace, WebCopy is your best bet.

This free website crawler allows you to copy the entire or some websites locally on the user’s hard disk for offline reference.

There are many options available to work around this web crawler and set the bot as per the way you wish for it to crawl.

You are also free to configure user agent strings, domain aliases, default documents, and so much more.

The only downside is that WebCopy doesn’t have a virtual DOM or similar JavaScript parsing forms.

So, if there is a website with heavy JavaScript use, you would usually not be able to use WebCore for it.

Wrapping Up

In the end, your pick will depend on what you expect out of the software and your needs.

We strongly recommend finding a commonality between both to receive the best-suited data scraping API.



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