The Celero5G is a $280 Dish & Boost Mobile exclusive 5G phone

The Celero5G is a 0 Dish & Boost Mobile exclusive 5G phone
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The Celero5G is a 0 Dish & Boost Mobile exclusive 5G phone

The Celero5G is a $280 Dish & Boost Mobile exclusive 5G phone

After acquiring Boost Mobile as part of the Sprint and T-Mobile merger in 2020 and snapping up Republic Wireless for its 5G network earlier this year, Dish is finally ready to replace Boost Mobile as the fourth wireless carrier. is what the FCC envisioned.

Its opening salvo? Satellite television provider Boost Mobile is introducing a special budget 5G phone for its prepaid customers.

According to its spokesperson, the Celero5G is a “custom-built phone” for Boost Mobile. Like T-Mobile’s Revvl or AT&T’s Radiant, it has unique branding you won’t find anywhere else. For a carrier that’s trying to expand its user base, it’s certainly an unusual way to get there. After all, most other carriers try to hang on to the latest flagship phones from Apple and Android to lure you into signing up for their expensive post-paid service plans, such as the “free” iPhone 13 from the Big 3 carriers. Flood of offers.

“With LG leaving the mobile device market and driving a seismic shift in the supplier landscape, we saw an opportunity,” a Boost Mobile spokesperson said. “LG’s departure left a significant hole in the Boost lineup. The Celero5G is a response to filling that hole.”

Not much is known about this 5G phone at the moment, other than that its name is inspired by Celero5G, the Latin word for “speed”. According to the press release, the phone has a 6.52-inch display, four cameras, 36 hours of battery life, 4GB of RAM, a microSD card slot, and 64GB of internal storage – all respectable specifications for a budget phone. Like the sub-$300 OnePlus Nord N10 5G, this phone is likely powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 5G chip that makes 5G connectivity possible at this price point.

Judging by the press material provided by Boost Mobile, it looks like the Celero5G has an iPhone-like metal trim around the phone, and a glass back, which are upscale touches for a phone in this class. Perhaps this phone is actually “better than other mid-range Android devices at higher price points”, as the press release claimed.

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The best thing about this phone is this plan. If you pre-order the Celero5G by October 31, 2021, you will get 12 months of free unlimited talk, text and data service from Boost Mobile. Of course, it’s not completely unlimited: you’ll be downgraded to 2G once you burn 35GB of data, but it’s still plenty to use comfortably. Dish and Boost Mobile will also give you a free case for your $280 Celero5G 5G phone.

Signing up and retaining existing Boost Mobile customers with Celero5G may be the easiest part of making Dish’s 5G dreams come true. Its biggest challenge will be to prepare its 5G service and provide national coverage – a project that is much more expensive and challenging than releasing a specialized 5G phone.

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