The cockroach emoji proposal is a story about texting through the apocalypse

The cockroach emoji proposal is a story about texting through the apocalypse
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The cockroach emoji proposal is a story about texting through the apocalypse

The cockroach emoji proposal is a narrative about texting by way of the apocalypse

A slate of recent emoji was introduced in January. Months later, they’ve lastly trickled onto most individuals’s telephones… however in a single case, it’s actually extra of a skitter. I’m speaking in regards to the cockroach, arguably essentially the most shudder-inducing emoji of 2020 — and the product of a fantastic little quick story in regards to the looming finish of the world.

As my colleague Jay Peters and a very good 2019 documentary clarify, anybody can submit an emoji proposal to the Unicode Consortium. The proposal should persuade the consortium that many individuals will use the emoji in a wide range of methods. And for the authors of the cockroach software — Jason Li, Melissa Thermidor, and Amanda Hickman — that features the aftermath of a nuclear struggle.

It begins with a line from the opening paragraph. After noting “sturdy international demand” for a roach emoji, the authors casually lay out one particular situation: making ready our tradition for the demise of the human race. “Including a COCKROACH emoji wouldn’t solely profit the at the moment small animal-bug assortment, but in addition make sure that if cockroaches do outlive people sooner or later, no less than they’ve an emoji too,” they notice.

The authors concede that regardless of standard notion, cockroaches most likely couldn’t survive a nuclear struggle. However don’t fear — they might additionally reference people who do! “COCKROACH will probably be a flexible emoji that can be utilized in quite a lot of methods,” they motive. It might be used as “a visible signifier for a home pest,” as an illustration; or to represent “one thing that’s laborious to eliminate”; or, naturally, “to reference a survivor in a nuclear winter.” There’s even a proposed sequence for nuclear winter itself: a cockroach, a radioactivity image, and a snowflake.

The precise story behind the image is extra sober. Final week, Jason Li posted a Twitter thread about its highway to approval, beginning along with his childhood in roach-ridden Hong Kong. The emoji was meant as a tribute to an “arguably cute hometown pest.” However months after its submission, Hong Kong police started calling pro-democracy protesters and native bystanders “cockroaches,” turning it into “an anti-protester meme of police brutality.” (There’s additionally an unsightly historical past of genocidal actions utilizing “cockroach” as an insult.) Now, Li tweets that he’s received “very, very blended emotions” in regards to the roach.

The Unicode Consortium software, nonetheless, continues to double as glorious science fiction. Whereas the remainder of us reside in blissful ignorance, Godspeed to the individuals who will assist us textual content by way of the apocalypse — and lace obscure bureaucratic filings with dire hints alongside the best way.

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