The highest paid jobs in the technology sector: Jobs in the technology sector

The highest paid jobs in the technology sector: Jobs in the technology sector
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The highest paid jobs in the technology sector: Jobs in the technology sector

The highest paid jobs in the technology sector: Jobs in the technology sector


  • Jobs set a new record in technology
  • Recruitment is taking place in e-commerce, IT, software sector
  • Companies want to get involved in technology

The highest paid jobs in the technology sector: After recovering from the second wave of Corona, industries around the world, including India, have begun to boom, but the biggest boom has come in the field of technology. Here the demand for recruitment for CXO (Customer Experience Officer) has increased rapidly. The main reason for this is the boom in the market and increasing demand, which leads to the recruitment of a large number of employees in this sector.

New records in technology
Since the second wave of Corona, the demand for CXO in the market has been high, which will continue for some more time. The job situation in the corporate sector in the country is improving. White collar jobs are showing momentum. In July, these jobs grew 11 percent compared to June. New jobs grew 15 percent in June. At the same time, according to Jobspeak, this is the fastest growth in June, July and August after the job market declined in April and May due to Covid-1.

According to the job portal, its index of job trends has reached 2625, the highest level ever. This has raised hopes in the corporate sector. This is the reason why executive search companies which expect not only 50-100 per cent growth compared to last year, but also expect to cross the level of Kovid pre-2019 by 20-40 per cent. The growth in this sector is mainly due to the increase in domestic demand, rapid digitization, expansion and capacity building plans of companies, better investment climate and increased capacity to meet stable demand.
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Jobs in e-commerce, IT, software sector
Currently, the growth is in the areas of manufacturing and industry, followed by technology, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and financial services. Almost all large companies are rapidly recruiting for their top positions. R Suresh, founder of boutique executive search firm Insist, says the order is twice as much as last year and more than 50 per cent higher than Kovid. E-commerce, traditional IT software companies, pharma industry, food players are in aggressive recruitment.
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Companies want to be technology focused
Today, the Indian market is growing the fastest in many years. As a result, a large number of jobs are being distributed to the youth. However, to get these jobs, young people have to remember many things. Now the way companies want to focus on technology and the organization needs leaders who can adopt technology. Today most organizations want to invest in a new business, so many stagnant recruits have also returned. The EMA is expected to grow by 70.80 per cent compared to a year ago.

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