The Joyce Returns, With a Typically Eclectic Dance Menu

The Joyce Returns, With a Typically Eclectic Dance Menu
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The Joyce Returns, With a Typically Eclectic Dance Menu

The Joyce Returns, With a Typically Eclectic Dance Menu

This fall, the Joyce Theater will present its first live dance season since being forced to turn off the lights in March 2020. The season, announced Tuesday, runs from September through February and features 18 companies, including some , like the British hip-hop group Far From the Norm, performing for the first time in the theater.

“We had priorities, to re-let companies that were supposed to perform here last year and whose shows had been canceled,” said Linda Shelton, Executive Director of Joyce, “and also to reaffirm our mission of promoting diversity. . “

Another consideration, given the many travel bans and the difficulty in obtaining visas for performers amid the changing waves of Covid, was “who can actually reach us, with all these borders opening and closing. close, ”Ms. Shelton added. As a result, there are only four companies coming from abroad, Far From the Norm; Malpaso, from Cuba, whose show was canceled last year; LEV of Israel; and the Colombian ensemble Sankofa Danzafro, whose play “Accommodating Lie” addresses stereotypes surrounding Afro-Latino culture.

The season opens on September 22, with a visit from the highly regarded Minneapolis-based Ragamala Dance Company, who will perform a one-night work, “Fires of Varanasi: Dance of the Eternal Pilgrim”. The piece uses the Indian classical dance style Bharatanatyam to explore the themes of life and death through the prism of Hindu ritual.

Choreographer Caleb Teicher, who was scheduled to perform last year, presents the delayed start of their Lindy Hop and Swing program, produced in collaboration with a team of dancers and choreographers which includes LaTasha Barnes, from “Jazz Continuum”, and the ballroom and Lindy Hop specialist Evita Arce. This show, entitled “Swing Out” (5-17 Oct.) Will be accompanied on stage by a live swing ensemble, the Eyal Vilner Big Band.

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Other highlights include Lucinda Childs’ minimalist behemoth from 1979, “Dance,” on Philip Glass (October 19-24); and Ayodele Casel’s joyous evening of tap dancing and live jazz, “Chasing Magic,” which had its virtual premiere in April this year, will have its live premiere from January 4-9.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the transvestite ballet troupe, will be holding their usual holiday run (December 14-January 2). Among the various piercing-eyed parodies of famous ballets – and the ballet itself – will be a new work, “Nightcrawlers”, based on Jerome Robbins’ portrayal of three couples dancing to Chopin Nocturnes, “In the Night”.

The theater will decide at a later date whether it will require performers, staff and members of the public to be vaccinated.

Tickets for the fall-winter season go on sale August 9.

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