The Kashmir Files Movie Review: A Horrifying Truth About The Suffering And Struggles of Kashmiri Pandits.

The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, is based on the real-life exodus and genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. Darshan Kumaar, a JNU student who has no recollection of his childhood, is at the centre of the plot. Anupam Kher skillfully carries the emotionally draining film on his shoulders. The Kashmir Files is due to premiere on ZEE5 on May 13, following its successful film release. The movie will be screened in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada on ZEE5 in India and many other countries.

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When Krishna’s grandfather Pushkar Nath (Anupam Kher) dies, he returns to Kashmir with his ashes and visits four of his grandfather’s friends, who tell Krishna and the audience the “true” story of Kashmir. According to their story, Kashmir was at the crossroads of civilisations, and the Pandits were left to die by the state and the federal government to please one community. Bitta, the film’s villain, appears to be a mix of real-life Ghulam Mohammad Dar alias Bitta Karate and Yasin Malik, the faces of the terrorist network of the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front.

Movie Review

Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files depicts events most cruelly and explosively possible. The movie evokes a wide range of emotions through some of the best performances and touching scenes, and a few barbarous passages. Ralive, Tsalive ya Galive – convert to Islam, leave or die, these words loop in your head for a long time after seeing the movie, and one can only imagine what it must have been like for those whose who were tormented by it each day. While Kashmiri Pandits continue to hope for justice after more than 30 years, the film attempts to depict the uprooted families’ struggle with authenticity rather than for the sake of a cinematic reenactment.

The Kashmir Files characters are based on real people. You can feel their pain because of the way they emote on film, which causes a knot in your throat. Anupam Kher a Kashmiri Pandit himself portrays the role of Pushkar Nath. This is by far his best and most convincing role in a movie. “Kashmir ka sach itna sach hai ki jooth hi lagta hai,” Krishna played by Darshan Kumaar says in the climax.

In the past 32 years, director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has accomplished what others have failed to do. His loud and clear vision drew appreciation not only from Kashmiris but also from those who had experienced the suffering. The film is not easy to watch. You’d grieve, sulk, and be terrified as you will see the horror of tens of thousands of men and women who were forced to flee their homes overnight. The filmmakers tell a horrifying story of the incident in a way it should be told.

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