The mythology of Mortal Kombat: How a 1992 video game spawned a globally successful franchise across media

The mythology of Mortal Kombat: How a 1992 video game spawned a globally successful franchise across media
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The mythology of Mortal Kombat: How a 1992 video game spawned a globally successful franchise across media

By up to date requirements, a main Hollywood star like Keanu Reeves headlining a video game (in his case, Cyberpunk 2077 from final 12 months) is just not notably exceptional. In Cyberpunk 2077, the digitised likeness of Reeves is a playable character and, of course, the actor has accomplished intensive voice work to lend star high quality to the gameplay.

Again in 1991, nevertheless, the concept of taking part in a video game as a digitised Hollywood star held appreciable novelty worth, which is why the erstwhile Chicago-based video game firm Halfway was approached to create a gaming model of the then-upcoming Jean-Claude Van Damme film Common Soldier (1992). 

Comedian e-book artist John Tobias and programmer Ed Boon thought that that includes Van Damme as a playable character can be a massive hit amongst followers. Van Damme, a expert martial arts practitioner nicknamed “the muscle groups from Brussels,” was identified for introducing a extra sensible, brutal type of hand-to-hand fight to Hollywood, courtesy movies like Bloodsport (1988).

Sadly for Halfway, the Van Damme deal by no means materialised. However Tobias and Boon used the expertise to create a new character for the game they ended up creating. The character, Johnny Cage, was a brash, cocky Hollywood martial arts star whose ego typically got here in the best way of his abilities — he additionally shared Van Damme’s initials. 

The game that Halfway launched ultimately, Mortal Kombat (1992), would go on to change into one of probably the most instantly identifiable video game franchises of all time. Should you had been into one-on-one combating video games within the ’90s and 2000s, you had been both Staff Streetfighter (intense, exact, all in regards to the craftsmanship) otherwise you had been a Mortal Kombat loyalist (cartoonishly violent, gory, all about macabre humour and showmanship). Apparently, Van Damme would go on to star within the movie model of Streetfighter a couple of years later, in 1994.

Within the nearly 30 years for the reason that launch of the unique game, Mortal Kombat has grown into a sprawling franchise across media — comics, TV sequence, and each live-action and animated movies. Forward of the discharge of Mortal Kombat, a live-action reboot starring Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Joe Taslim and others, right here is a primer on the mythology and storytelling of this universe. 

Overarching mythologies  

Within the origin story of Mortal Kombat, there have been three primordial sources of energy within the universe: in reducing order of energy, these had been the villainous One Being, the Titans and at last, and the Elder Gods. Sooner or later, the Titans and the Elder Gods put aside their variations and united in opposition to the One Being They managed to separate the One Being into six totally different weapons, referred to as the Kamidogu. Finally, these six totally different elements turned the six defining realms of the Mortal Kombat universe: Earthrealm, Netherrealm, Outworld, Orderrealm, Chaosrealm, and Edenia. Every of these realms is ruled by an Elder God, and every has a distinctive Kamidogu that represents the essence of the realm. For the Earthrealm, the designated protector is the Raiden (named after the Shinto deity Raijin, the God of thunder and lightning), who defeated his fellow Elder God, the rogue Shinnok who thought he ought to govern all six of the realms by himself.  

All of which brings us to the match that lends the game its title — Mortal Kombat itself. In response to the unique game, the sorcerer Shang Tsung usurped an age-old Shaolin match, and reworked it into a battle of the realms. Shang Tsung was appearing on the behest of his grasp, the evil Emperor Shao Kahn, whose magic he channelises. Warriors representing their respective realms may use all method of magic, supernatural powers and/or futuristic know-how to win their contests. If one realm inflicted 10 consecutive defeats upon one other, it had the best to overcome that realm. These guidelines had been put into place by the Elder Gods, to minimise bloodshed and inter-realm warfare.

As the unique game’s storyline revealed, Shang Tsung used his ‘secret weapon’, the four-armed Goro, to kill Earthrealm’s champion Kung Lao after which inflict 9 consecutive defeats upon Earthrealm, earlier than being defeated by the Shaolin monk Liu Kang, who can be the descendant o Kung Lao. Basically, there’s a good bit of Shaolin-lore borrowed by the Mortal Kombat universe (culminating within the 2005 Ps 2 game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks). The Elder God Raiden, with the assistance of a group of Shaolin monks, varieties the covert ‘White Lotus Society’ after the dying of Kung Lao — their goal is to hand-pick the very best fighters on Earthrealm, prepare them within the methods of Mortal Kombat, and put together them for a closing confrontation with champions from different realms. 

The mythology of Mortal Kombat How a 1992 video game spawned a globally successful franchise across media

Nonetheless from Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Masks

White Lotus was the title of the legendary Bak Mei’s clan — Bak Mei, of course, was one of the legendary 5 Elders who’re mentioned to have survived the bloodbath of Shaolin Temple by the Qing dynasty within the 17th century. His title is usually anglicized as Pai Mei, which is the title Kill Invoice followers will keep in mind as Gordon Liu’s character from Kill Invoice 2. Within the movie, Invoice (David Carradine) tells Beatrix (Uma Thurman) the story of how Pai Mei single-handedly murdered 60 Shaolin Monks — “(…) Thus started the bloodbath of Shaolin Temple on the fists of the White Lotus”. 

Within the sixth game of the sequence, Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004), the character Shujinko was launched, and was visually modeled after Pai Mei from the Kill Invoice motion pictures, with a Shaolin monk’s apparel and distinguished, bushy white eyebrows (“bak mei” actually means ‘white eyebrow’ in Cantonese).  

Earthrealm champions, Outworld enforcers, and crossovers 

The mortals representing Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat had been all given their very own again tales within the authentic game — this is able to occur by way of ‘battle prologues’ and in-game introductions, which you can technically skip (I by no means did). Aside from Johnny Cage and Liu Kang, the opposite two human playable characters in Mortal Kombat (1992) had been Kano and Sonya Blade. The Outworld enforcers Sub-Zero (actual title: Bi-Han) and Scorpion made up the remaining of the lineup. Scorpion can manifest a Kunai, a Japanese roped knife out of his hand, whereas Sub-Zero can insta-freeze his opponents. Scorpion later turns in opposition to Sub-Zero and the Emperor after it’s revealed that he’s an ‘undead ninja’ searching for revenge in opposition to Sub-Zero for killing him with treachery (a variant of this legend varieties the opening scene of the 2021 movie Mortal Kombat).   

Sonya Blade, the one feminine character from the unique lineup, is a commanding officer in the US Particular Forces. Her goal within the authentic trilogy of video games, and for a lot of its successors, is to deliver the villainous, eye-patch carrying Kano to justice. In later video games, she is joined on this quest by her navy colleague Jax, who has a pair of bionic arms. Kano (actual title: Kane) is a former mob boss who units up a legal society referred to as Black Dragon. Within the game Mortal Kombat III, Kano joins forces with Outworld emperor Shao Kahn, and turns into his new Basic.

The character of Kano additionally signaled the willingness of Mortal Kombat to borrow from mythologies the world over, not simply martial arts narratives from Asia. Kano, who may shoot laser beams from his eye-patch, is clearly a reference to the Biblical Cain, the primary assassin identified to humanity (he killed his brother Abel). Cain is usually portrayed with an eye-patch in illustrations. 

This borrowing tendency culminated within the 2008 crossover game Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, the place the Superman villain Darkseid merges with the Mortal Kombat villain Shao Kahn to type the entity referred to as Darkish Kahn. The mere existence of Darkish Kahn causes the 2 universes to begin merging as properly — if this course of is allowed to proceed, each universes might be destroyed. For followers, the crossover introduced the chance to play out battle eventualities that had been hitherto the stuff of on-line message boards. Liu Kang vs The Joker, Surprise Girl vs Sonya Blade, Raiden vs The Flash — the chances had been mind-boggling and the gameplay suitably amped-up (for the primary time within the sequence, mid-air free fall fights had been potential, which suited somebody like Batman as an illustration; it leveled the taking part in area for characters with no supernatural skills). 

The mythology of Mortal Kombat How a 1992 video game spawned a globally successful franchise across media

Nonetheless from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

The chief power of the 1995 movie Mortal Kombat (directed by Paul WS Anderson, who would go on to direct the Resident Evil motion pictures) was its faithfulness to the unique video game and its first sequel. It used the long-lasting theme tune in an nearly unchanged approach. It fleshed out the characters’ again tales to a T, leaning into the ridiculous parts as a substitute of giving them a extra screen-friendly twist. It was led by nice performances by Robin Shou (by the way, the primary Asian lead of a main Hollywood blockbuster) and Christopher Lambert, who performed Lord Raiden with uncommon gusto. 

Additionally, for its time, the movie had unbelievable particular results and well-shot ‘wire fu’ sequences. ‘Wire fu’ refers back to the approach popularised by Hong Kong martial arts movies of the Seventies onwards, taking pictures Kung fu fights with intensive utilization of wires.

It was not till The Matrix that wire fu exploded onto the Hollywood consciousness, however Mortal Kombat was the primary blockbuster (it was one of the largest hits of the 12 months) to make use of the approach.  

Like a lot of cult classics, the dominant essential opinion of the movie has improved significantly down the years. A lot in order that in 2020, on the 25th anniversary of the movie, Rotten Tomatoes launched a podcast referred to as “Rotten Tomatoes rating is improper about Mortal Kombat”; following its 1995 launch, solely 42 % of critics had given Mortal Kombat a beneficial overview. All that has modified now, nevertheless, which signifies that that Mortal Kombat (2021) has a robust act to comply with. Given that it’s going to even be launched on HBO Max, fan suggestions might be swift and brutal — however then once more, Mortal Kombat has by no means shied away from swift and brutal. 

Morta Kombat launched in Indian cinemas on 23 April.

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