The Rapper Has 5 Kids With 3 Women

The Rapper Has 5 Kids With 3 Women

  • Rick Ross the rapper has 5 children who were born by 3 baby mamas who occupied the position of his girlfriends from 2002 to 2020
  • The rapper has been romantically involved with a lot of women and was even engaged to 2 however, none of his baby mamas made it to fiance level
  • Rozay’s eldest child has further lengthened his titles by making him a grandfather at the age of 46. 

Rick Ross children are 5 in number and knowing how most celebrities roll, it’s no surprise that they are from 3 different women. The American rapper and CEO of Maybach Music Group have over a period of 20 years, welcomed 5 children.

The oldest of the rapper’s kids would be about 21 years old as of this year and the youngest should be getting to 3 years. The birth of Rick’s most recent child actually stirred up a lot of conversations on social media.

He had been accused of neglecting his fatherly duties by the mothers of his kids, in the past. However, he seems to have had a rethink and is now trying to be a better father to his kids. He also stated that he is trying to get closer to them and have regular conversations with them.

Let’s Find Out Who Rick Ross’ Baby Mamas Are

Apart from being the one-time girlfriend of the rapper, Rick Ross, Lastonia is mostly famous for getting compensation for the leak of her sex tape by another US rapper 50 Cent. These rappers have been enemies for a long time now and 50 Cent paid a whopping sum of 5 million dollars for the tape.

Cutis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent published the sex tape with his own commentary. However, he was ordered by a court to pay Lastonia the sum of 7 million dollars because of that.

She rarely makes the news nonetheless but has been in it a couple of times before and after this incident. In addition to her fame skyrocketing, her wealth increased thereby making her quite comfortable.

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Tiallondra Kemp is a Florida woman who was previously married and had two kids before meeting Rick Ross. Kemp was married to a drug dealer who was arrested and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

After struggling to tend to both kids and her incarcerated husband, she met the Maybach CEO. Sharing a 4-year relationship, they had a son before going through a messy breakup.

However, Kemp has proven to be a strong woman capable of weathering any storm. She wrote a book titled ‘Tias Diary, Deeper Than Rap’. It is about her journey through life’s ups and downs.

The most recent baby mama is a reality TV star, Briana Camille. She is an entrepreneur who owns ‘Fit By B. Camille’. In addition to sharing a long relationship with the ‘Hustlin’ singer, Briana was also part of the rapper’s exes to call him out on social media.

They both went through a messy court battle as well where she was awarded the sum of $11, 000 monthly to take care of their kids. Additionally, Rick Ross was made to agree to a payment of $3,000 for extracurricular expenses.

His ex-girlfriend’s attorney’s fee which summed up to $25,000 was requested to come from the pocket of the artist.

Amidst all these child-support battles, the rap artist had his monthly income released and it summed up to $585,000. This is way above that of Briana who makes the sum of $142,000 monthly.

As a result of this, William, aka Rick Ross was made to cover most of the expenses of taking care of the kids.

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Rick Ross Children Are 5

Rick ‘The Boss’ has a total of 5 kids born from the aforementioned women. The children are;

She is the first of William Leonard Roberts II’s kids born with Lastonia. She was born on the 17th of March 2002 in the United States of America. The Young lady was rumored to be pregnant at the age of 17 and this seemed to be true when her father unfollowed her on Instagram.

However, it was later declared false news and denied. The father and daughter seem to have a pretty good relationship.

  • William Leonard Roberts III

He is the firstborn son who was born by the Rozay Boss’ ex-girlfriend, Tia Kemp. William the third is the product of the 4-year relationship the couple shared. He is the third generation of the Leonard Roberts sons. William is in high school and is an athlete.

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Rick Ross showing how happy and proud of his first son he is, showered praises and an expensive gift to the young lad on his 16th birthday. Worth about $45 million, he chose to gift his son his own Wingstop franchise.

Berkeley is Rozay’s second daughter but the first child with Briana. She was born in September of 2017. Pictures from her elaborate birthday party filled social media a couple of years ago. The most beautiful thing about said pictures is the fact that the young girl’s parents looked so happy together beside her.

Billions, the second son of William and Camille was born on the 6th of November 2019. His birth was happily and proudly announced by his father who was overjoyed by the news.

However, after the birth of Singleton’s second child, there was trouble in paradise. The happy couple began to have issues and got to the point of breaking up.

Bliss was born in August of 2020 barely a year after Billions’ birth. At the point of his birth, his parents were almost officially broken up. His birth was followed by some uncertainties as Singleton felt like she wasn’t bonding well with him.

However, she believed his birth was bliss and would bring much more bliss to her life. This could possibly be the reason for the name.

Not a lot of people are updated about his birth but on social media, people went after her with sad comments. While some celebrated with her, others asked her how she was comfortable having another child with someone she was no longer with.

Here Are 5 Quick Facts You Should Know

1. Rick Ross Has Been Accused of Neglecting His Fatherly Duties

With Tia, ‘The Boss’ was accused and severely dragged through the streets of social media. She claimed that the rapper was estranged from his son and wouldn’t even call to wish him a happy birthday. Kemp also said he was falling behind on child support at the time.

The same thing applied to Camille who accused him of similar fault. She also added that he needed to pay hugely for child support. Hence, the messy battle between them a couple of months ago.

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2. The Father of 5 Has a New Girlfriend

As of Thanksgiving of 2021, Rick Ross was confirmed to be romantically connected to another woman. News first began to make waves when he was caught flirting with the said woman on social media.

The woman was recognized as Hamisa Mobetto a Tanzanian model, entrepreneur, actress, and influencer. Hamisa is widely recognized for her amazing vocals as she is also a singer. She has been featured in many music videos as well.

However, the confirmation social media needed was a video of them in the club displaying their affections publicly. The father of 5 and his Tanzanian girlfriend were seen bumping and grinding in the club. They also shared some kisses and cuddles.

When asked about his relationship with the singer, Rick Ross stated that they had a connection but he’d leave the definition to Hamisa. In response to this interview, Mobetto shared the video with a cute lovey caption.

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3. His Girlfriend Has 2 Kids

Hamisa, William’s new girlfriend also has kids of her own. She has been previously linked with at least two men in the past. For these men, she bore two kids, one each.

Hamisa’s first child, a girl named Fantasy Mafizzo was born from her relationship with Francis Ciza. Her second child, a boy named Deedalayan Abdul Nasseb was born from her relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

4. Apart From Having 3 Baby Mamas, Rick was Engaged Twice

Rick Ross has been engaged twice. Once was with a woman named Lira ‘Galore’ Mercer. This engagement was in 2015 but unfortunately, it never led to marriage. Two months after the announcement and barely months into dating the 21-year-old model.

Also, the ‘Port of Miami’ singer was previously linked to Liz Hagelthorn as they were also allegedly engaged to be married.

5. He is a Grandfather

On Rick Ross’ 46th birthday, his first child, Toie was spotted with a baby bump beneath her blue dress. At the time, she was said to be 19 years old. In view of this, Toie made her dad a grandfather at the age of 46.

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