The Taliban killed our troops in Afghanistan: Kandahar, Lashkar Gah …

The Taliban killed our troops in Afghanistan: Kandahar, Lashkar Gah …
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The Taliban killed our troops in Afghanistan: Kandahar, Lashkar Gah …

The Taliban killed our troops in Afghanistan: Kandahar, Lashkar Gah …

The United States, which suffered a humiliating defeat in the Vietnam War, is now facing a crushing defeat at the hands of Taliban militants in Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden, who has claimed to have made the Afghan army ‘powerful’ by spending billions of dollars over the past 20 years, has lied and Taliban militants have seized Ismail Khan’s stronghold. They are now only 90 km from the capital Kabul. In the end, what happened was that the Taliban militants were suffocating the Afghan army. Let’s understand the whole case ….

The United States, which has been building a pile of land bombs in Afghanistan, has now almost left Afghanistan. When the Taliban were attacked, then-US President George W. Bush said it was an ongoing war. However, now their constant war has come to a halt after almost 20 years in the Biden regime. The situation is such that the US is appealing to the Taliban to save its embassy. Taliban militants, on the other hand, are marching towards Kabul playing bloody Holi. During the operation, the Taliban seized 2,000 heavy, tanks and lethal artillery.

America’s biggest intelligence failure since 1968
Bill Rozio, a U.S. defense expert and editor of the Long War General, says U.S. military commanders and intelligence officials are responsible for the defeat in Afghanistan. He said it was the biggest US intelligence failure since 1968. Bill asked, ‘Did the Taliban plan, assemble, create and execute such a large-scale attack across the country under the noses of the CIA, DIA, NDS and Afghan forces?’

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The bill tweeted, “US military and intelligence officials themselves have agreed that the Taliban will negotiate and take advantage of it at the negotiating table was the military strategy of the Taliban terrorists.” The Americans could not catch the Taliban’s conspiracy to take over the country by military force. He said the United States had misjudged the strength of Afghanistan’s military, saying it could keep the Taliban at bay for years.
navbharat timesChina is changing, ready to recognize the Taliban state, a big blow to America
That’s how the Taliban infiltrated the Afghan army

Taliban militants are taking over Afghanistan very fast. The Taliban are said to have seized 15 provincial capitals. Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari explained that the Taliban commander was in touch with Afghan military commanders and key leaders at the village, district and provincial levels. For this, they are seeking the help of their clan, their family and their friends to make a secret agreement. This is the reason why the Afghan army has to face defeat.

He said the Afghan government has made rapid changes in the commander of its forces, severing ties between the battlefield and the military leadership in Kabul. The Americans are helping the Afghan army a lot, but the situation is changing with the Taliban’s dealings with the Afghan army commander. It appeared in Kandahar. Taliban militants are assuring Afghan leaders and commanders that they will be forgiven if they help. Kabul’s dense government is mired in corruption, leading to discontent among soldiers.

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