The Threat of Evictions for N.Y. Renters

The Threat of Evictions for N.Y. Renters
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The Threat of Evictions for N.Y. Renters

The Threat of Evictions for N.Y. Renters

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The threat of evictions is looming for tenants in difficulty.

For more than a year, tenants who couldn’t make payments during the pandemic were protected by protections from the practice. But the national moratorium on evictions is due to expire on Saturday.

In New York, however, the deadline is slightly longer: the moratorium on state evictions is not expected to expire until the end of August. Yet, as the ban’s expiration date draws closer, concerns have grown for many who owe months of unpaid rent and could face homelessness.

[Read more from my colleague Matthew Haag on what will happen when the ban lapses.]

Here are a few things to know:

The moratorium on state evictions has been extended several times during the worst months of the pandemic. But state officials have not indicated that its expiration will be postponed again.

President Biden pushed Congress this week for a month-long extension of the federal moratorium – which would take it to the end of August – although congressional aides have said the effort’s last-minute schedule made it successful unlikely.

The state’s emergency rent assistance program began accepting applications last month and could cover up to a year of unpaid rent, as well as a year of unpaid utilities.

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There are requirements to be eligible, and the program faced challenges and got off to a slow start (as my colleague Mihir Zaveri reported). But applicants can call a state hotline at 844-691-7368 for assistance, and there are many local organizations helping to overcome the process and obstacles as well.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 62,000 eviction cases have been filed in the New York City Housing Court, according to the Eviction Lab at Princeton University. Analysis suggests that tenants who have been sued in housing court owe an average of $ 8,150 in unpaid rent, although the actual amount is likely even higher.

Even though the courts have allowed complaints to be filed during the pandemic, almost all cases have been stayed until the end of the moratorium.

But not all areas of the city face the problem at the same level: the Bronx, for example, has eight of the 10 postcodes with the highest rates of eviction cases filed during the pandemic.

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