Theater to Stream: Offerings on the Fringe of Edinburgh Fringe

Theater to Stream: Offerings on the Fringe of Edinburgh Fringe
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Theater to Stream: Offerings on the Fringe of Edinburgh Fringe

Theater to Stream: Offerings on the Fringe of Edinburgh Fringe

Designed by singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, this show consists of 10 seven-minute musicals designed for Zoom. They are written, composed, directed and featured by alumni of Brown University including Loeb (class ’90). The cast includes renowned actors not really known for their musical prowess, so Color us intrigued by Julie Bowen (’91), Josh Hamilton (’91) and JoBeth Williams (’70). From Friday to August 20; ensembleapartmusical.com

In June 2019, Dixon Place celebrated the 25th anniversary of this show with a reunion of several of its original performers: lesbian-feminist scoundrels who also performed often at the old Dixon Place, while in in the living room of founder Ellie Covan in Manhattan. Thankfully, that rowdy and chaotic variety show has been taped, and now you can relive its songs and sketches from, among others, Kay Turner, Alix Dobkin (who died in May), Nedra Johnson, Carmelita Tropicana, Marga Gomez, Viva DeConcini, Babs Davy and the girls in the nose. from Thursday to August 16; dixonplace.org

In New York, the Tank is organizing not one but two eco-responsible events, TrashFest (with a focus on waste-free productions and recycling) and DarkFest (which explores alternative sources of theater lighting). This month, he’s combined them into one festival, held both in person and online, until August 9. As you wander the Tank’s website, check out the bizarre sound installation “Samuel” (until August 14), by the gifted Alexis Roblan (“Red Emma and the Mad Monk”). thetanknyc.org

In Roger Q. Mason’s solo piece, Gregg Daniel (“Insecure”, “True Blood”) plays a former FBI informant who, stuck in the afterlife, must face the role he played in the movement. civil rights; the title refers to the realm of the dead in ancient Egypt. Directed by Taibi Magar, the production was picked up at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Los Angeles. Until August 12; centertheatregroup.org

David Adjmi’s flamboyant and acerbic piece was catnip for the marvelous Marin Ireland, who gave one of her most virtuoso performances – and to put it mildly – as a petulant and doomed monarch. Now Ireland and most of her 2013 Soho Rep production co-stars are back for a Play-PerView read. If you’re a fan of the (unrelated) Sofia Coppola movie of the same name, take this queen for a spin. from Thursday to August 9; play-perview.com

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