This Japanese city is using robot wolves to scare bears

By | November 11, 2020
This Japanese city is using robot wolves to scare bears

This Japanese metropolis is utilizing robotic wolves to scare bears

No, this isn’t a Halloween ornament somebody forgot. This robotic — “Monster Wolf” — is definitely a bear deterrent. The town of Takikawa, Japan, deployed these robowolves to stop bear assaults.

And sure, bear assaults have been one thing of an issue: 157 folks have been attacked by bears in 2019. However for the reason that Monster Wolves have been put in, no assaults have occurred, The Guardian stories.

Black bears’ latest assaults are in all probability attributable to a scarcity of acorns within the Japanese wilderness, based on conservationists. Bears depend on acorns as a part of their pre-hibernation food plan, and with out the high-calorie nut, they’ve began edging nearer to cities to forage for meals. Deforestation and rising cities have shrunk the barrier between bear and human properties. This results in extra bear-to-human contact, prompting assaults.

So naturally, robowolves are the decidedly human response to that drawback:

The wolves scare away bears in the identical approach children are instructed to do at summer season camp: they transfer and make loud noises. They’re additionally robotic and lifeless, producing a taste of scary acceptable to the historical past of the real-life wolves upon which these robots are primarily based.

Black bears and wolves used to share the central and northern areas of Japan, however the wolves have been pushed to extinction by searching and useful resource competitors. In a approach, the robowolves are their fashionable ghosts. They’re efficient at coping with Japan’s present bear drawback, however these “wolves” can also be a portent of a attainable future for the black bears if a greater answer isn’t discovered.

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