Through the remastered version of Fearless, Taylor Swift takes control of her own narrative

Through the remastered version of Fearless, Taylor Swift takes control of her own narrative
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Through the remastered version of Fearless, Taylor Swift takes control of her own narrative

We have been each younger once I first noticed you,” sings Taylor Swift in the opening strains of her legacy-defining hit traditional ‘Love Story.’ When the track, half of Fearless, Swift’s sophomore album, got here out in 2008, the “you” stood for a star-crossed lover; Romeo to her Juliet. She was singing about, and, to him. 

13 years later, when Swift sings the identical line – and the identical track – in her revisionist take of her own album, it’s as if she is speaking on to us, her viewers. Look, she appears to say, the time that has handed since, flipping the diary of her own life. We have been actually each younger when she first noticed us. 

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) then, looks like a car for unadulterated nostalgia however crucially, it distills the feeling of homecoming. With the re-recording, Swift has primarily put up her youth as a museum exhibit, prodding the world to savour the spoils from a vantage level of a lady who has already lived the future her teenage self dreamt about. It’s as in the event you closed your eyes, and the flashback began.

In some ways, Fearless was the first album that began all of it, placing Swift, then simply an 18-year-old teenage nation sensation, in the orbit of stratospheric ranges of fame. It gained the singer her first Grammy for Album of the 12 months (she bought her third this 12 months for her lockdown masterpiece Folklore), and bought greater than 10 million copies worldwide. It’s pure then that Swift selected this very album to begin her comeuppance tour, one which includes gaining monetary and inventive control over her own work. 

This explicit feud includes one of the hotly adopted contract disputes in the historical past of the music trade: in 2019, when her former label Large Machine was acquired by the singer’s longtime nemesis Scooter Braun, he invariably additionally ended up proudly owning the rights of Swift’s first six albums. The singer’s animosity with Braun, whom she has accused of “incessant, manipulative bullying,” primarily stems from the proven fact that he was complicit in enabling Kanye West’s assaults on her. Not solely did he handle West at the time however extra importantly, he additionally oversaw the rapper making an objectionable, sexually charged video depicting her. The matter reached its head in November 2020 when Braun bought the rights to a non-public fairness agency in a deal that will successfully enable him to revenue from the album’s use on streaming platforms, adverts, radio, and TV. Incessant rounds of public hostilities and authorized negotiations later, Swift publicly determined to re-record all her six albums in a bid to decrease the value of the albums in Braun’s possession, embarking on a cumbersome labour of revenge. 

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is the singer’s opening chess transfer (the aptness of the title given the circumstances is sheer poetic coincidence).

To place it merely, the album is as masterful because it was a decade in the past, a stunning proof of why Swift got here to be so unanimously thought to be a pop wunderkind. In it, Swift reimagines her album as a collector’s version artefact – the 26-song-collection contains the singer’s remodeling of authentic songs in addition to six bonus tracks from the vault, songs that have been written round the time Fearless was launched however which didn’t make the minimize. There are additionally notable collaborations that invoke lived-in nostalgia: Colbie Calliat reunites with Swift on the croonworthy ‘Breathe,’ and the singer faucets in Keith City for ‘That’s When,’ a dreamy country-pop ballad reminiscent of the modern 1989 manufacturing. 

Swift enlists the assist of her lockdown collaborators Jack Antonoff and The Nationwide’s Bryce Dessner for the songs from the vault (Stand-outs embrace, ‘Mr Completely Wonderful,’ extra popularly generally known as the Joe Jonas breakup track, ‘You All Over Me,’ and ‘Bye Bye Child‘). The stripped-down sound of these songs evoke a lot of Swift’s persona as a 31-year-old songstress who paints canvases with her songwriting. They’re bookended by songs that present a direct window to the previous. It’s probably the clearest view of Taylor Swift as a youngster ready to be an individual in addition to Taylor Swift, the fully-formed individual. 

The accrued knowledge enhances the mystical high quality of the album, just because the vault songs are merely short-term distractions, though they mix properly with the overarching theme. The central attraction of the formidable re-recording mission stays Swift’s means to identically replicate the feeling of naiveté (“Trigger if you’re fifteen / Any person tells you they love you  You gotta consider them) that accompanies diving into issues “headfirst fearless” with out accounting for logic.

The brand new songs might have our consideration however it’s the songs we have now already identified for over a decade that maintain our curiosity.

Any renegotiation with an artist’s already printed work begs questions of its function and impact. Swift is in spite of everything, singing the identical phrases to the high-school love anthem ‘You Belong With Me,’ the flirty ‘Hey Stephen,’ or the regret-tinged ‘Fifteen.’ All these songs are as acquainted as they’ll get, even when laced with refined sonic upgrades or Swift’s trademark inflections. 

The distinction, or reasonably the that means one can invoke from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is it unfolds from her own perspective, which is to say, the mere existence of the album permits room for a listener to deduce an entire new that means from it. The air of remorse and heartbreak that precedes the album appears to have a extra deadly edge than it did a decade in the past. The crushing weight of the heartbreaks that underlines it feels virtually weightless. And though Swift’s voice at instances might sound too mature, too elegant for such youthful frivolities, the truth she is effortlessly capable of disappear into the universe of the album to conjure up the fantasy of a breathless, life-altering romance that outlined it. A lot of additionally it is as a result of the proven fact that as listeners, we’re one step forward: the 18-year-old Swift singing about making one thing out of herself and figuring out higher might not know the way her life would pan out when she sang these issues, however we do. 

In that sense, listening to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) has the identical consolation of returning to at least one’s childhood room as an grownup. Swift’s recreation feels each like a commentary on the authentic in addition to a wildly authentic piece of work, each of which communicate to her unimaginable craft as an artist. Loads of critics have likened the effectivity of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) to the proven fact that listening to it looks like flipping via somebody’s high-school diary together with them. 

Through the remastered version of Fearless Taylor Swift takes control of her own narrative

Taylor Swift in Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Whereas that could be true, it doesn’t take into account an integral half that makes the album so distinguishable: it exists on the basis of kindness. Certain, Swift’s re-recording stemmed out of an act of insurrection and revenge. However it could not have been half as efficient if it additionally was not infused with the singer’s trademark emotional intelligence, one which allowed her to present her previous self the encouragement to take a look at themselves. Swift has grown up, and the issues that bothered her again then could appear fairly redundant now, however they by no means appear irrelevant. That could be a mark of a singer who controls her own reminiscence and self-image. 

It’s maybe why it’s unattainable to take away the reminiscence of who we have been, who we have been pining for, and who we have been betrayed by, whereas navigating Fearless (Taylor’s Version). On every other day, it could be cringeworthy to spend time with the recollections of our teenage heartbreak or angst however with Swift crooning in our ears, it looks like the most grownup factor to do. Finally, the album does what Swift supposed it to attain: make us realise simply how a lot Taylor Swift is succesful of controlling her own narrative. 

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