Today I learned Disney is making a retractable lightsaber, and I need to see it

Today I learned Disney is making a retractable lightsaber, and I need to see it
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Today I learned Disney is making a retractable lightsaber, and I need to see it

Today I learned Disney is making a retractable lightsaber, and I need to see it

To whom it could concern at The Walt Disney Firm and / or Lucasfilm:

Present me the rattling lightsaber. I know you may have a actual one now. And it’s time to fess up.

Let’s backtrack a bit. Yesterday, at a seemingly routine press occasion for the upcoming launch of Disneyland’s new Avengers Campus space on June 4th, Josh D’Amaro, the chairman of Disney parks, ended his presentation with a shock reveal of a new lightsaber.

In accordance to tweets from theme park reporter Carlye Wisel, who attended the press convention, the lightsaber was not the standard IRL lightsaber of “a big mild up stick hooked up to a neat-looking hilt.” Actually, it was the holy grail of duplicate sabers: one that may absolutely prolong and retract its blade, similar to the “actual” lightsabers within the movies.

There’s loads of proof that a higher toy saber has been on Disney’s thoughts for a whereas. The corporate’s present crop of duplicate props and custom-made Galaxy’s Edge sabers are already vastly fashionable, to begin.

The corporate is clearly conscious of the truth that the massive plastic blades are a cumbersome annoyance — each Disney and loads of third-party sellers provide carrying baggage. And a actually retractable saber that lights up and seems to be good (and no, these lame plastic ones of stacked tubes don’t rely) can be a big improve for park followers and cosplayers.

Extra illuminating is a patent that Disney filed in 2018 for a “Sword Gadget with Retractable, Internally Illuminated Blade” — a lightsaber hilt with a motorized retractable blade that may prolong out of the hilt, full with lighting and sound results.

To be clear, on condition that Disney’s new mannequin nearly actually lacks the power to coalesce a beam of pure vitality that may slice by any object, it’s nonetheless not a actual lightsaber. Plus, I’m undecided the place Disney would have the ability to supply kyber crystals. Hacksmith Industries’ retractable 4,000-degree plasma blade is nonetheless the closest to attaining that, however that construct required a huge energy pack and is nearly actually not secure to promote as a kids’s toy at a theme park.

However to return to my unique level: after teasing this unbelievable upgraded saber… DISNEY DIDN’T RELEASE THE VIDEO.

There are most likely a few causes for this. Wisel’s report notes that the brand new saber “*zhooped*” out of a “little field (like a hilt however a lot wider),” suggesting that the retractable saber is nonetheless within the design stage and that there’s most likely some work that wants to be achieved earlier than it’s prepared for primetime. Disney may be planning to save the brand new sabers for its upcoming immersive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser lodge, the place the extra sensible sabers would match proper in.

However I don’t actually care about all these very logical enterprise causes. I simply need to see the cool new lightsaber. Ball’s in your courtroom, Disney.

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