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Top 10 Tier 1 neutral items in Dota 2

Top 10 Tier 1 neutral items in Dota 2
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Top 10 Tier 1 neutral items in Dota 2

On November twenty sixth, 2019, Valve launched The Outlander’s Replace for Dota 2. This replace gave gamers one thing that modified the sport – Neutral items.

The Outlander’s Replace gave followers two new heroes – Void Spirit and Snapfire. Since then, each heroes have performed an necessary position in the skilled Dota 2 esports scene. However neutral items had a extra important long-term impact on the sport.

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Neutral Items are randomly dropped by neutral creeps after they die round a hero. There are 5 tiers of neutral items in Dota 2.

  • Tier-1 items drop after 7 minutes.
  • Tier-2 items drop after 17 minutes.
  • Tier-3 items drop after 27 minutes.
  • Tier-4 items drop after 37 minutes.
  • Tier-5 items drop after 60 minutes.

This checklist will rank the tier-1 neutral items in Dota 2 from worst to finest.

Disclaimer: This checklist solely displays the opinions of the creator.

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The Tier-1 Neutral items of Dota 2


During the last 12 months and a half, Valve has balanced out many of the neutral items in Dota 2. Once they got here out, half of them had been completely damaged, whereas the opposite half was completely ineffective. These days, most neutral items are no less than usable, with the occasional ineffective or damaged merchandise right here and there.

Tier-1 items are early sport items that gamers cease utilizing after a sure level. They should cater very particularly to the early sport, in any other case they lose viability.

All tier-1 neutral items in Dota 2

10. Ironwood Tree

Ironwood Tree provides +6 all stats and permits the participant to plant a tree at a solid vary of 800 that lasts for 20 seconds.

Ironwood Tree is the least helpful tier-1 merchandise. It basically takes up the spot of a extra helpful merchandise that might have dropped as an alternative. It does nothing for many heroes. Solely Windrangers, Hoodwinks, and Timbersaws will discover the merchandise helpful.

9. Ocean Coronary heart

Ocean Coronary heart provides +5 all stats and passively offers 10 well being regeneration and 5 mana regeneration to the holder when they’re standing in water.

The one motive this ranks above Ironwood Tree is due to the modifications made to the mid-lane position in Dota 2 7.29. Mid-laners can maintain themselves in an unfavorable lane for much longer in the present meta which makes Ocean coronary heart a viable merchandise since mid-laners are the one gamers regularly standing in the river.


8. Broom Deal with

Broom Deal with provides +3 armor, +14 assault injury, and +50 assault vary for melee heroes.

Monkey King is the hero that advantages most from this merchandise by growing his already absurd assault vary. Melee assault vary is almost inconsequential in Dota 2, so this merchandise would not have many advantages. However armor and injury is a pleasant factor to have early in the sport.


7. Light Broach

Light Broach provides +200 Mana and +20 motion pace to the holder.

Light Broach was among the finest tier-1 items in Dota 2 however a collection of nerfs has tremendously decreased its effectiveness. The small quantity of stats this merchandise offers might be helpful for helps, particularly the motion pace, however cores will nearly all the time have a greater merchandise out there.

6. Eager Optic

Hold optic provides +1.25 mana regeneration and +75 solid vary.

This merchandise is absolutely good on spell-casting heroes early in the sport. This can be utilized by power heroes with low mana swimming pools to get some mana regen. This merchandise will all the time be helpful for sure heroes as a bit of little bit of mana regen goes a great distance in Dota 2.


5. Chipped Vest

Chipped Vest provides +5 well being regeneration and offers 30/20 injury to heroes/creeps respectively when the holder is attacked.

Chipped Vest is rated poorly by the professionals however the merchandise could be very efficient for newbie gamers. It’s helpful for all of the tanking heroes in the sport and permits quicker farming early in the sport for any hero that makes use of it.

Heroes like Axe, Centaur Warrunner, and Legion Commander tremendously profit from having this merchandise. It may all the time be used as a supply of bonus injury because the injury dealt by this merchandise is assessed as HP removing and goes via armor.

4. Trusty Shovel

Trusty Shovel provides +100 well being and permits holders to dig the bottom for an opportunity to get a Bounty Rune, Therapeutic Salve, Enchanted Mango, or a Kobold creep. The possibilities of getting a Bounty rune is 16% whereas getting the opposite 3 are 28% every.

This is likely to be an unpopular opinion however Trusty Shovel is without doubt one of the finest tier-1 items in Dota 2. It’s the excellent merchandise to maintain between 7 and 17 minutes, helps can maintain on to it even longer. It may give free salves and mangoes which value 110 and 70 gold respectively.

It additionally provides bounty runes which give gold to your complete workforce. A shovel is a really useful merchandise as holding it for 10 minutes will definitely make the holder no less than 500 gold richer by giving free regeneration and bounty runes.



3. Arcane Ring

Arcane Ring provides +10 Intelligence, +2 armor and may restore 75 mana in a radius of 1200 models at a cooldown of 45 seconds.

Probably the greatest tier-1 items in Dota 2, Arcane Ring is helpful for nearly each hero. Intelligence heroes, who’re often spell casters, are an ideal match for this merchandise because it offers them with 10 bonus intelligence and bonus mana regeneration. Even power and agility heroes can use this merchandise to be extra environment friendly.

Contemplating how necessary mana is in Dota 2, Arcana Rings are all the time probably the most in-demand tier-1 items in the sport.

2. Possessed Masks

Possessed Masks provides +7 major attribute and seven% lifesteal.

This merchandise was added to Dota 2 in the 7.28 patch. The merchandise offers lifesteal at a really early stage of the sport when lifesteal is never wanted however the early lifesteal advantages carry heroes rather a lot. Proper-clickers tremendously profit from this merchandise as they’ll jungle from a really early stage which might be in any other case inconceivable.

Heroes like Ursa and Phantom Murderer profit probably the most from this merchandise because it helps Ursa kill Roshan and may restore quite a lot of PA’s well being when she hits a important strike.

1. Fairy’s Trinket

Fairy’s Trinket provides +100 well being, 5% mana value discount, and 5% spell amplification.

This merchandise was launched to Dota 2 in the 7.28 patch. It is usually arguably the very best tier-1 merchandise ever in Dota 2. It’s the dream merchandise for spell-casting cores like Zeus, Lina, or Storm Spirit amongst others. Not solely does it scale back the mana value of spells, but it surely additionally will increase the injury brought on by them.


The merchandise can be very properly balanced as a slight shift to both facet will break it or completely spoil it. The mana value discount and spell amplification combo makes this merchandise helpful in each sport of Dota 2.

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