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Top 10 Tier-2 neutral items in Dota 2

Top 10 Tier-2 neutral items in Dota 2
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Top 10 Tier-2 neutral items in Dota 2

The Outlanders replace added neutral items to Dota 2. Over the subsequent 12 months and a half, they’ve gotten some polarizing reactions from the neighborhood.

Neutral items can be found in 5 tiers, which randomly drop when a neutral creep dies round heroes. They drop relying on when the creep dies in-game.

  • Tier-1 items drop after 7 minutes.
  • Tier-2 items drop after 17 minutes.
  • Tier-3 items drop after 27 minutes.
  • Tier-4 items drop after 37 minutes.
  • Tier-5 items drop after 60 minutes.

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Disclaimer: This listing solely displays the opinions of the writer.

The Tier-2 neutral items of Dota 2

A complete of 4 Tier-2 items randomly drop from 17 minutes onwards. They’re stronger than tier-1 items however aren’t fairly game-changing. A participant often makes use of tier-2 items till the subsequent tier of items begins dropping.

These items drop simply as the sport is transitioning from early to mid-game. Thus, they need to present heroes with a specific energy spike that helps them transition easily with out falling behind the enemy.


The tier-2 neutral items of Dota 2
The tier-2 neutral items of Dota 2

There are 11 tier-2 items in Dota 2. Ring of Aquila is the one merchandise lacking out on the highest 10. It offers +3 Power, +3 Intelligence, +9 Agility, +7 Assault Injury, and has an aura impact granting +2 armor and +1.5 mana regeneration.

Though it sounds glorious contemplating it offers many particular person stats, the numbers on these stats aren’t very excessive. Because of this, it has little or no worth after 17 minutes. Had it been dropped as a tier-1 merchandise, it undoubtedly would have been among the best tier-1 items in Dota 2.

10. Vambrace

Vambrace offers +10 Main attributes, +5 secondary attributes, and will be switched between Power, Agility, and Intelligence giving a bonus of 10% Magic Resistance, +10 assault pace, and 6% Spell amplification, respectively.

The stats that vambrace supplies are good, however they lose their worth as soon as in mid-game just like the ring of Aquila. This merchandise has been nerfed a number of occasions over the past 12 months, and the present iteration is the weakest model ever to exist.

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9. Nether Scarf

Nether scarf offers 25% Magic resistance, 8% spell amplification, and -3 armor.


The stat elimination characteristic was added to Dota 2 with neutral items. Nether scarf removes 3 armor from the holder which explains it is so low on the listing. The spell amplification makes this merchandise helpful for spell casters, however spell casters have already got very low armor.

This merchandise is generally utilized by heroes like Bristleback or Centaur, who’ve a number of bodily resistance and do not get affected by the -3 armor.

8. Pupil’s Present

Pupil’s Present offers +14 secondary attributes.

This merchandise feels very underwhelming on paper. Nevertheless, it is among the finest items a non-strength assist hero can use. In Dota 2, one level of power offers 20 well being which supplies them 280 well being when holding this merchandise, making them rather more sturdy.

Agility heroes may also use this merchandise to get each well being and mana since intelligence additionally offers 12 mana per level in Dota 2.

7. Grove Bow

Grove Bow offers +100 attacking vary, +15 assault pace, and reduces enemy magic resistance by 15% on the assault.

This merchandise is nice for ranged core heroes. The +100 vary and assault pace are helpful, whereas the 15% magic resistance discount is a bonus. Sadly, this merchandise loses its worth as soon as the tier-3 items begin dropping. Even then, some heroes like Sniper may maintain on to it.

6. Dragon Scale

Dragon scale offers +5 armor, +5 well being regeneration, and causes assaults to deal 18 harm per second for 3 seconds.

The stats offered by this merchandise are good however nothing particular. However its assault modifier is what makes it particular. This potential impacts buildings, making this one of many few items that may do constructing harm in Dota 2.

This merchandise can deal 54 harm to towers with only one assault. Supporting heroes love to carry on to this merchandise since they will develop into extra sturdy whereas permitting them to push towers.

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5. Imp Claw

Imp Claw offers +26 assault harm and offers a 130% important strike each seven seconds.

Imp Claw is a good merchandise for carrying heroes. It massively will increase the harm output of right-click heroes. The important strike each 7 seconds improves a hero’s effectiveness in crew fights. The uncooked harm enhance can be helpful for farming and pushing out lanes.

This merchandise is usually extra helpful than tier-3 items and carries heroes who select to carry this merchandise all through the mid-game if the scenario asks for it.

4. Quicksilver Amulet

The Quicksilver Amulet offers +4% motion pace, +10 assault pace, +40% assault animation pace, +40% assault projectile pace, and grants the holder a bonus of 4% motion pace and 20 assault pace anytime a capability is on cooldown.

This merchandise was added to Dota 2 in the 7.28 patch. This included sure mechanisms which might be comparatively new to Dota 2, like enhancing assault animation and projectile pace. Nevertheless, this new addition makes heroes lots stronger, particularly ranged core heroes.

Improved animation and projectile pace make the hero really feel a lot smoother, and the bonus motion and assault pace vastly improves a hero’s mobility. Heroes like Gyrocopter, Riki, and Shadow Fiend vastly profit from this merchandise no matter which stage of their sport.

3. Thinker’s Stone

Thinker’s Stone offers +80 passive gold per minute, +200 Mana, and -30 assault harm.


This merchandise is a assist’s dream merchandise. Getting free gold is one thing everybody likes in Dota 2, however the -30 assault harm is disadvantageous to hold heroes. This additionally offers assist to heroes 200 mana which suggests they need to spend much less on regeneration. That is the one merchandise in Dota 2 that will increase GPM, additional rising its worth.

However what makes this merchandise actually damaged is when heroes like Zeus or Tinker get their fingers on it. Zeus and Tinker are core heroes who by no means deal bodily harm. Because of this, this merchandise will increase the GPM of a core hero with out hindering them in any approach, making it one of many damaged items in Dota 2.

2. Essence Ring

The Essence Ring offers +6 intelligence, +2.5 mana regeneration and may enhance the holder’s most well being by 400 for 15 seconds.

The mana regeneration is among the highest amongst tier-1 and tier-2 items making this merchandise actually beneficial. However what makes it among the best items is its lively potential. The 400 well being enhance isn’t just a heal. It will increase the max well being of a hero by 400 for 15 seconds.

This mainly means enemies should deal 400 extra harm to kill the holder. The holder additionally retains the 400 bonus well being when the impact expires, making this merchandise among the best neutral items in Dota 2 for each assist and carry heroes.

1. Bullwhip


Bullwhip offers +3 well being regeneration, +2.5 mana regeneration, and will increase or decreases motion pace by 18% for 4 seconds when solid on an ally or enemy, respectively.

This merchandise was added to Dota 2 in 7.28. Immediately, it grew to become among the best items in the sport. The mana regeneration was big, and the lively potential to extend motion pace was even higher. The insane solid vary of this merchandise allowed heroes holding it to solid it on enemies from a terrific distance.

The motion gradual to enemies permits the holder to catch enemies simply, whereas the bonus pace will increase effectivity throughout farming. The merchandise was nerfed in 7.29 however remained among the best neutral items in Dota 2 because it stays helpful all through the whole sport, by no means shedding its effectiveness.

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