Top 5 Dota 2 memes on Reddit that left the community in chuckles

Top 5 Dota 2 memes on Reddit that left the community in chuckles

Being one among the oldest esports titles with an energetic community, Dota 2 has witnessed numerous memes over 10 years.

Starting from memes referencing common hero voice-lines to utterly hilarious conditions in the skilled scene, Dota 2 options a few of the most chuckle-worthy memes on Reddit.

Regardless of that includes the similar map in each recreation, Dota 2’s infinite hero-item combos make it one among the most original and contemporary gaming experiences, even for avid gamers who’ve performed the recreation for over a decade.

This text options 5 ageless memes on Reddit that left the Dota 2 community in splits.

Greatest Dota 2 memes on Reddit

#5 – It isn’t when you do not

One in all the most annoying moments as a core in a recreation of Dota 2 is when another person steals a assured kill for themselves. Nonetheless, in low-mmr matches, gamers can usually discover help gamers holding on to their talents for an opportune kill-stealing second.

Regardless of how hilarious the meme seems to be, conditions the place a core hero dies due to a help hero’s lack of spell casting might be extraordinarily tilting and may even result in drastic overturns over the course of a match.

#4 – Each Dota 2 participant ever


Each recreation in Dota 2 is stuffed with errors from each groups. A few of these errors may even result in a crew throwing an enormous lead away at a vital stage in the recreation.

Nonetheless, most of the time, gamers will attempt to discover errors that different gamers have made as an alternative of focusing on how they might have performed higher themselves.

What makes this meme hilarious is the reality that nearly each Dota 2 participant can relate to a situation like this popping up in one among their video games.

#3 – Proper in the feels

This meme is relatable to each Dota 2 participant who finds themselves spending hours in the recreation. Axe’s voiceline that is supposed for his enemies in Dota 2 is one among the finest combos for the “Who do you have got” meme for gamers preferring spending time in solo-queue lobbies on Dota 2.

#2 – Everlasting Envy and Ceb

Jacky “Everlasting Envy” Mao and Sebastian “Ceb” Debs are extensively considered two of the most controversial gamers in Dota 2 esports. Everlasting Envy has grow to be well-known for numerous antics in the skilled Dota 2 scene since 2013.

Nonetheless, with latest controversies rising towards Ceb as properly, this meme matches completely with the current state of affairs in Dota 2.

#1 – Dazzle’s solely weak point

Dazzle’s Shallow Grave means is one among the finest saving spells in Dota 2. Nonetheless, Axe’s final means, Culling Blade, can be utilized to dispel Dazzle’s spell and convey down imminent dying for the respective hero.

Conditions the place Dazzle casts the Shallow Grave means solely to see their ally die immediately to Axe’s Culling Blade might be completely hilarious in Dota 2.

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