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Top 5 game-breaking exploits in Dota 2 that actually work

Top 5 game-breaking exploits in Dota 2 that actually work
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Top 5 game-breaking exploits in Dota 2 that actually work

Dota 2 has at all times been a sport of innovation. There have been nice e-sports athletes who’ve at all times discovered them out and exploited them to nice ends.

Some cases have been etched in the reminiscences of Dota 2 followers eternally, just like the Fountain Hook, whereas a few of them are nonetheless lesser recognized to the overall inhabitants of the sport.


Essentially the most helpful exploits in Dota 2 that actually work

#1 Ward gold by transferring observer ward

(Picture through Valve – Dota 2)

It is a trick that can earn the ally carry or mid-laner an early bottle, or some further gold to the ally carry for the farming merchandise, and so forth.

If the core participant offers his observer ward, which is free to the assist, and if the assist already has a sentry ward, as soon as they’re in the stock, each the wards will likely be exhibited to belong to the one who offers the ward.

Extra importantly, if the assist dewards with the sentry ward he purchased, the deward gold will go to the carry.

#2 The tier 1 tower’s evening imaginative and prescient and vary

(Picture through DOTAfire.com)

One other lesser recognized reality of Dota 2 is that the tier 1 towers of any lane have lesser evening imaginative and prescient than their vary.

For the reason that video games of Dota 2 now begin off at evening time, one can stand within the tower vary, round 2-3 items within it, and never get hit by the towers.

If the stated hero is being hit by the towers, then it’s assured that there’s a ward positioned, and its a straightforward deward for the lane.


#3 Messing with the opponent mid-laner

The draft ( Image via Valve - Dota 2)
The draft ( Picture through Valve – Dota 2)

This appears like a foolish technique, however it works. The roamer assist pokes the mid-laner for small bursts of harm.

This does two issues. It takes away among the regen from the laner, and it messes up the block. This additionally helps tip the lane equilibrium in favor of the ally mid-laner.

#4 Tricksters’ Cloak

(Image via Valve - Dota 2)
(Picture through Valve – Dota 2)

The Nullifier is a really highly effective late sport merchandise that dispels the goal and applies a debuff for 5 seconds, constantly dispelling the goal. Anytime the goal is attacked, it is going to be slowed by 80% for 0.5 seconds.

This even dispels the Aeon Disk, which doesn’t work, thus making the merchandise a waste of gold. The reply to this lies in the impartial merchandise, The Tricksters’ Cloak.

That Tier 4 Impartial Merchandise stays on even after the Nullifier is utilized, and is a damaged merchandise for squishy heroes towards nullifier carriers late in the sport.

#5 Locking the Aghanim’s Blessing recipe

(Image via Valve - Dota 2)
(Picture through Valve – Dota 2)

This was a trick that Nico “Gunnar” Lopez dropped at the fore. Late in the sport, if a hero has slot issues, then typically they eat their Aghanim’s Scepter because the blessing. Gunnar instructed preserving the recipe in the backpack locked, and utilizing it solely when completely wanted.

It’s because the Scepter offers some key stats that may permit the hero to flee a teamfight with 10 or 15% HP remaining.

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