top 7 bollywood actor best six pack abs

top 7 bollywood actor best six pack abs
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top 7 bollywood actor best six pack abs

top 7 bollywood actor best six pack abs

New Delhi. Stars in Bollywood now pay more attention to their bodies than films. Due to which his look in films also looked different. And the audience likes to see an actor with such a strong body. That is why even after crossing 50 years of age, Salman Khan remains absolutely fit even today. Today we are telling about the most dangerous body making actors whose body you will be surprised to see..

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Arjun Rampal

Bollywood’s famous actor Arjun Rampal is known more in the industry due to his looks and fitness than his films. Arjun Rampal spends an hour in the gym with full dedication. Apart from this, he believes that it is necessary to keep changing the routine and keep trying new exercise regimens.


shahrukh khan

Talking about Shahrukh Khan, he was always recognized for his fitness in Bollywood, but when the right time came, King Khan proved himself to be a stalwart in the fitness field as well. Shahrukh sweats a lot by going to the gym to get this strong body. And even after crossing this stage of age, Yunka’s body is quite stout and fit. Truly Shahrukh Khan is an inspiration for body builders.

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Siddharth Malhotra

Actor Siddharth Malhotra is called one of the hottest actors in Bollywood. Due to his six-pack abs and fit body, Siddharth is making a special place in everyone’s heart. Regarding his fitness, he follows a workout routine with a very strict diet.


John abraham

Everyone is crazy about John Abraham’s body and his personality, every boy works hard day and night to get a body like John. Even after crossing the age of 46, John Abraham is one of the fittest and healthy stars of Bollywood. He follows a workout routine with a very strict diet regarding his fitness.


Hrithik Roshan

Building a body like the stars Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood cannot be a matter of a day. For this work, you need to work hard and diligently. Hrithik Roshan goes to the gym to make his body and does 200 crunches daily for six pack abs, works hard for several hours. And make the body healthy by taking the right diet.


Salman Khan

Even after crossing the age of 50, Salman still beats today’s acre. Everyone is surprised to see Salman Khan’s body, he does weight training exercises regularly for this and cycles for 50 kilometers when he gets time. He does 1000 push ups daily. Apart from fish, chicken, in the diet, do not forget to eat salad and fruits.


Varun Dhawan

Whenever it comes to six pack abs, Varun Dhawan is not mentioned during that time, it cannot happen. In Bollywood, Varun Dhawan always remains in the headlines for his six pack. His fans also want to get a body like him and for this Varun sweats in the gym for 3 hours every day.

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