Top 5 Seo Audit Services to Use This Year

In client-side SEO, optimizers have to work on numerous projects, so the role of specialized tools that automate work increases.

Among the most responsible and time-consuming tasks is, of course, the website audit.

To carry out a complete analysis of the project at the first stage of its promotion, fortunately, it is not necessary to do everything manually.

Today we will tell you about which programs and SEO audit service can help you with your SEO audit.

SEO Audit Procedure

The most important things in any SEO audit procedure include the following:

  • description and title meta tag texts;
  • the presence of H1 header tags and others;
  • analysis of all meta tags, detection of their absence;
  • searching for duplicate content;
  • data collection on texts from the ALT attribute;
  • analyze for the presence of canonical pages (rel=”canonical”);
  • data collection on all links;
  • checking the amount of text content;
  • detection of broken links, redirects, and web server response codes;
  • creating a sitemap;
  • integration of collected data with Google webmaster services and analytics.

1. Screaming Frog

This is a convenient desktop program that allows you to study projects in detail by various parameters.

The software scans all the pages of the website, providing the optimizer with a wide range of useful information regarding promotion and search engine optimization.

Screaming Frog’s strengths include speed compared to any other tools. But there are also specific aspects of using the program – all data during the audit is in RAM, which imposes certain restrictions on using the software on sites that are quite weak in terms of hardware.

If you are analyzing a project with a large number of pages, then if you have a fairly old computer, you need to be patient.

A trial version of Screaming Frog is available for free but is limited to 500 pages of analysis. The software license costs just under $209 per year (£149).

This is quite a significant amount, but professional optimizers will more than pay back their investments after 2-3 SEO audits.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush is an SEO ranking software with over 3 million users worldwide. With it, you can choose keywords, analyze backlinks, evaluate keyword difficulty, and improve the performance of PPC ads and social media pages.

As you can see, the possibilities of this program are simply endless. Detailed reports, and convenient management tools with support for a marketing calendar – all these are the main advantages of this program.

With this SEO ranking tool, you can easily solve any problem and organize your content.

The program also offers advanced keyword and backlink analysis. SEMRush is an excellent digital marketing tool with which you can run effective advertising campaigns to improve your brand reputation. This program will also help you create a successful Instagram account.

3. Ahrefs

In this SEO tracking software, you will find the largest list of inbound links. It is a powerful backlink checker that will be useful for both companies and individuals.

The software creates a complete backlink profile for any website or URL. Ahrefs provides detailed information about websites that link to a particular URL.

In addition to backlink profiling, this program can be used for search engine optimization. It provides you with complete information and data visualization.

Files can be converted into different formats. In Ahrefs you will also find information about social metrics such as tweets, likes, and links.

4. Key Collector

Program for compiling the semantic core of a website and promoting its SEO.

Key Collector collects keywords and keyword data in Yandex and Google, provides a sample of the high, medium, and low-frequency phrases, and allows you to analyze them according to over 70 parameters (traffic, competitiveness, promotion costs, etc.).

You can define a specific search region and depth. It performs an express analysis of the site for semantic core compliance, monitors the position of the site in search results, identifies the most relevant pages, and provides recommendations for reranking.

5. Halo Lab SEO Audit Services

Halo Lab will provide you with a high-quality comprehensive site and technical SEO audit. The process of which includes 6 steps:

  • Business goals exploring
  • Website analyzing
  • Competition analyzing
  • Detailed reporting
  • Discussions and consultations
  • Changes verification

In their audit, they use numerous tools, such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Google Search Console,  NetPeak Spider, Screaming Frog, SemRush, and others. So you can be sure of the quality of your SEO analysis.

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