Top whatsapp tips and tricks you should use it

Top whatsapp tips and tricks you should use it
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Top whatsapp tips and tricks you should use it

Top whatsapp tips and tricks you should use it

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it offers a lot of features in its simple user interface. Along with this, the company is constantly introducing new features for its platform. By the way, almost all the users using this instant messaging app know its features. But today we are going to tell you about some such features, which will completely change your WhatsApp experience. Today we are going to tell you about some of the features, you may not even know about them.

pin favorite chat

There are many chats available in WhatsApp, out of which it takes time to find some favorite chats. But to save you from such trouble, WhatsApp has given the option to pin the chat so that the WhatsApp chat can be easily traced. To pin any person’s chat, click and hold on their chat for a while, after that the option to pin will be given. After pinning those chats will appear at the top.

Basic tools for photo editing in WhatsApp

The basic tools of photo editing are given in the instant messaging app WhatsApp. With the help of this tool of WhatsApp, you can crop any emoji and add stickers and emoji etc. to it. Also color text can be used. To use this feature, open any chat, then click on the photo you want to edit, after which edit options will be available.

Even after reading the message, the senders will not know

After reading the WhatsApp message, double blue ticks reach the person in front, in such a situation it becomes very difficult not to reply to the message. To avoid such trouble, you can hide the read report. For this, before reading the message, turn on Airplane Mode and then open and read that chat. After reading the message, close the chat and turn off the airplane mode.

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How to Hide WhatsApp Web Notifications

While working on a laptop or PC, sometimes some messages come in such a way that we can embarrass us in front of others and sometimes we are also disturbed by the messages coming continuously. For this it is necessary that you have to go to the settings of your phone, while going to the notification option, you will have to turn off the notifications of WhatsApp.

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