Try these tips and tricks to make WhatsApp chatting fun

Try these tips and tricks to make WhatsApp chatting fun
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Try these tips and tricks to make WhatsApp chatting fun

Try these tips and tricks to make WhatsApp chatting fun

If you use WhatsApp then these tips and tricks are very useful for you. By using them, you can make your chatting experience more fun.

WhatsApp currently remains the most preferred instant messaging app of users worldwide. Through this app, users are always connected with their friends and family. The special thing is that through WhatsApp, users not only stay connected with their family and friends but also share photos and videos with them. Not only this, WhatsApp also provides voice and video calling facility, which is very much liked by the users. Apart from this, there are some great tips and tricks of WhatsApp, which you can use to make your chatting experience more fun. Let’s know those tricks and tips.

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pin whatsapp chats
In WhatsApp, we chat with many people at once. But there are some important chats that we want to keep. But if the chat list is long, there is a lot of trouble in finding them, so in such a situation, the option of pin WhatsApp chat is available in WhatsApp. Using this feature, you can pin and keep your important chat list at the top. You can pin WhatsApp chat by long press or swipe.

Create your own WhatsApp GIF
You can send GIFs from Tenor and Giphy while chatting on WhatsApp. The funny thing is that you can create your own GIF in WhatsApp. You can convert saved video to GIF in your phone. For this, first open your chat and select the video of which you want to make GIF. After this you will see the video editing screen. Here you have to select the GIF option by setting the video length to 6 seconds or less.

edit image
There is also a facility to edit photos inside WhatsApp. WhatsApp comes with built-in features for cropping photos, adding stickers and emoji as well as color text and doodling. To use these tools, you have to first select a photo from the phone’s gallery and import it into WhatsApp. The photo editing tools are present at the top of the screen.

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Hide WhatsApp Web Notifications
Notifications keep coming on the phone even while using WhatsApp web. It stops only when you disconnect WhatsApp Web. To do this, you have to go to the Settings menu of the phone and search for WhatsApp within the Apps section. After that select notifications and go to ‘other notifications’ given below. You have to turn it off. You will get rid of WhatsApp web notifications as soon as it is offered.

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