Tufan Movie Review in Hindi: Farhan Akhtar Tufan Movie Review and Rating

Tufan Movie Review in Hindi: Farhan Akhtar Tufan Movie Review and Rating
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Tufan Movie Review in Hindi: Farhan Akhtar Tufan Movie Review and Rating

Tufan Movie Review in Hindi: Farhan Akhtar Tufan Movie Review and Rating

Storm is an action sports drama film. Farhan Akhtar is in the lead role and the story revolves around his own character Aziz Ali alias Ajju Bhai. Ajju is a street thug. He is a gangster of a big criminal. Makes recovery. Beating but his life changes overnight, as he falls in love with Dr. Ananya. Mrinal Thakur plays Dr. Ananya. She is a nice girl. Understands the difference between right and wrong. She asks Aziz Ali to choose for himself whether he wants to be Ajju Ulio Bhai or Aziz Ali, a respected boxer?

There is a Parsi gym owner near Aziz’s house. He shows Aziz the legend box of Mohammed Ali’s videos. He says, ‘This is the difference between boxing and brotherhood. Boxing is a sport that requires technique, discipline, patience, strength and not just work. Seeing Aziz’s ability, he is sent to boxing coach Nana Prabhu (Paresh Rawal). Nana Prabhu lives in Dadar and was a little wary when he saw a Muslim boy near him from the infamous part of the hill. But he agrees to train Aziz in his wing.

Nana Prabhu calls Aziz Ali ‘Tufan’. But the relationship between teacher and disciple also becomes sour. As the story progresses, the relationship between Aziz and Nana Prabhu deteriorates due to some personal reasons. The director has a lot to say in the film ‘Tufan’. There is a love story, fanaticism, communal harmony, aspiration to be a boxer and an athlete. Moving on from this fictional story, many times you feel like you have seen it all before, be it ‘slave’, ‘sultan’ or ‘boxer’.

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After ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Farhan Akhtar and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have reunited in ‘Toofan’. Naturally you want the same explosion as before as an audience, but in ‘Storm’ you get a very simple story, which is told in a very simple way. Although the film has a few bruises, it has a tangible effect in many places, but in the end it is exhausting. ‘Storm’ is a strange mixture of falling prey to stereotypes and destroying them. At the root of this story is a love story, but boxing gives the film momentum. However, sometimes it seems that one thing is intersecting another.

Ananya believes we always have a choice. It’s not easy to pull yourself out or improve yourself from the world you’re born into. The protagonist of the film does it and you go ahead hoping to master his journey, his inner struggles and his boxing skills. In the meantime, however, the focus of the story is on traditional love stories, social fabric, parental resentment, and boxing. The strongest aspect of the film is its realistic approach. So be it the relationship between the coach and his disciples or the dialogue between the communal conflicts. Oddly, however, these scenes are also shortened and prevent the emotions from flowing to move the story forward. Sometimes it seems like the story wants to talk about topics like religious tolerance, empathy and prejudice, but then it only touches these topics to the surface.

Ranveer Singh rapped a lot in the streets of Dharavi in ​​Gali Boy. Farhan Akhtar also walks on this road, but boils down. Ranveer’s image becomes like that of a normal child. But growing up in an urban area, it was nice to see Farhan doing this. Farhan certainly takes some time in this work, but he finds himself in the role. As far as material transformation is concerned, we have seen its sincerity and determination in ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’. Farhan is tempted to box with famous and respected boxers of the country like Neeraj Goyat and Gaganpreet Sharma.

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Paresh Rawal has done a great job in the film. Without seeing them, they are settling into the role of watching and their student is misunderstood. He showed with Dr. Mohan Agashe that if good actors are in front, they can make even a simple script great with their presentation. Mrinal Thakur has done justice to her role. She doesn’t look dramatic. Whether in trouble or in some other situation, the film also shows that such characters do not sink into hypocrisy or kindness. Aziz Ali admits in the film that, ‘the boiling point in boxing is close to him’.

Overall, a ‘storm’ may not be a hurricane, but it has a lot of wind potential.

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