TuneIn Radio 27.0.1 APK for Android – Download

TuneIn Radio 27.0.1 APK for Android – Download
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TuneIn Radio 27.0.1 APK for Android – Download

TuneIn Radio 27.0.1 APK for Android – Download

TuneIn Radio is an almost free music streaming app that feels like radio and works like a player. You can find any radio station that’s broadcasting what you want to listen to. Options range from local radio stations, sports stations, news stations, talk radio, and stations from locations all around the globe. Using this app you will have access to 1 Hundred Thousand Live Radio Stations from across the globe.

Listening to Music and Using TuneIn Radio

All the music available on this app is made available from different radio stations from around the globe. This means that it is totally free to use. You can tune into any radio station and enjoy the music totally free. Once you find your favorite music station you can save it for later. But for that to be possible you will need to create a user account. A user account will enable you to save your favorites.

The TuneIn Radio app does not show any in-app popups or adds, which is a good thing that we rarely see these days. But like a Radio station, you can not be specific about your songs. As you would have to listen to what’s on the station. TuneIn Radio lets you find local and remote FM and AM radio stations. You will get stations that are trending worldwide, as well as stations by music, sport, news, and talk genres. Such as Classical, Folk, Rock, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Political News, Scanners, Traffic, Wine, Travel, Comedy, and Technology.

You can also search for stations in TuneIn Radio by language, locations, and trending stations. The stations that you follow will show up in your quick access tab in the library. And if you allow the app it can access your contacts to check who is using this app and what they listen to. Download this app now by clicking on the button above. And start enjoying some awesome music. For music, apps try musixmatch and YouTube Go.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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