TV Lifts to Motorize Your Plasma and Hide It in Furniture

Contemporary homeowners care about all the details connected with their house or apartment to make their living space safe, comfortable, and uncluttered.

The last point is not just the fact, it’s a trend of today’s householding and design.

You can follow different global tendencies of home design or enjoy somebody’s DIY projects but there is usually one thing we follow and that is convenience.

Motorized TV lifts are designed to hide TVs in the cabinet, ceiling, under the floor, and in other possible furniture compartments.

If you are looking for some great home improvement solutions, learn a detailed description of the automated TV lifts that will make your bedroom, living room, or even kitchen modern, functional and spacious.

The use of various types of TV lifts is justified when it comes to the importance of the interior, aesthetics, and safety of the equipment in the abode.

The silent drive, combined with the simple design, allows for a quick installation of a TV lift and an easy installation, for example, in a TV cabinet.

You can rip out any type of control for your convenience. The basic elevator control system is wired.

Additionally, each TV lift can be equipped with an IR (infrared) or RF (radio) remote control, a wall switch, or connected to an integrated control type system.

The Main Advantages of TV Lifts:

  • The variety of TV lifts types you can select in accordance with your preferences.
  • The movable part of the elevator rises to a height of up to 1500 mm.
  • Quick installation/dismantling of the TV;
  • Elevator travel height adjustment;
  • Can be installed in a floor cabinet, in the ceiling, or in any other available compartment.

Apart from their smart features and space-saving function, TV lifts are very customizable meaning that the options for installation are endless.

These variants may include the mounting of such equipment behind your fireplace, above a dresser, or any other compartments available within sight.

What Are the Typical Models of TV Lifts to Mount Your Plasma

Nowadays, TV lifts have become very popular among homeowners, and due to their increasing demand, providers have uninterruptedly created smarter, quicker, and more user-friendly devices.

The use of low-power electric linear actuators makes the motorized lifts work for complete mobility.

Speaking about the construction of these lifts, it’s fairly simple in general, the working process of any automated TV lift is closely connected with a linear drive.

The design is built in such a way, that a lead screw is typically applied to provide linear shift. There are used classic motors like 12V and 24V in linear actuators.

If you want to lift your plasma from the TV cabinet then the choice of 12V will be ample.

For mounting drop-down television lifts, the manufacturers used the required track linear actuators to provide the necessary feature of moving plasma along the track.

At the same time, all the pop-up lifts for TVs are constructed as in the case with a lifting column to allow the users to raise their plasma from flooring or furniture.

Furthermore, you can create the TV lift according to your idea by just applying the necessary linear actuators.

In this way, you will get absolute flexibility in terms of mounting the system and its control.

To build your own television lift, you need to have 1-2 linear actuators, wood-based materials, supporting brackets, and guideways. In general, it is not so difficult to set up and won’t cost you a lot.

How to Choose a Floor Lift for a TV?

  • pick up a TV and determine its height.
  • determine the height of the tum for the TV (manufactured separately), where the lift will be located.
  • choose the right lift for the TV based on its size in height and stroke.

If you have a large TV diagonal and you would like to hide it as much as possible so that the height of the cabinet is equal to the height of the TV.

Why Do People Automate Their Homespace Using Television Lifts?

People usually treat everything innovative and new with prejudice but when they actually try it for some time, they change their minds and want more.

The same is here, after having experience with regular using TV lifts, you start to discover a lot of perks that you have never known before.

A Great Way to Save Your Space.

The customers find this reason the key one to acquiring a television lift. It is even more urgent for tiny spaces when people want to optimize the whole space they have and feel comfortable.

When installing an automated lift it becomes possible to hide your plasma out of view entirely, providing you with more free space no matter where it has been used in the sleeping room, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Improve your interior today by mounting a special TV lift.

Think About Convenience.

It is not a problem to choose any TV lift you want today, as they are readily available, user-friendly, and customizable.

Using a control panel you can hide your favorite plasma in a secured place by simply pushing a button.

All these devices were constructed to let people use them with complete simplicity when they need them.

A Great Solution to Protect Your TV From Children.

We can not usually control the time out children use different up-to-date gadgets even when we are at home and the TV is no exception.

Just imagine how long they can watch it when you are not at home and what can happen with your expensive plasma while you are absent.

In this case, we are talking about both the TV screen itself and the content it provides. So, it’s definitely a very useful tool for hiding your television for safeguarding and protecting your children.

If you are looking for new ideas that will help you to transform your abode into an ultramodern and spacious home space, the use of TV lifts is the proper choice.

Either hide it in your kitchen compartment, mount it for moving from the ceiling, or install it inside the cabinet in the bedroom, in any case, you will benefit from more comfortable watching generally.

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