Twitch streamer Adin Ross says he is having the “worst month of his life,” leaves Twitter divided

It looks like Adin Ross just cannot catch a break this month. Earlier this month, the popular Twitch streamer was arrested over a misunderstanding at a sneaker store in LA.On July 12th, Keemstar posted a video showing Adin Ross getting arrested in a sneaker showroom. However, as it turns out, he was “swatted” by a fan for no reason, an inexplicably brainless trend that some toxic followers do to their favorite public figures.Before this fake arrest ordeal, the internet personality received a ban from Twitch because he was caught texting while driving during a live stream. In June, he became entangled in a drama on the platform with Ludwig “Ludwig” Anders Ahgren.With all this happening so fast, it is no wonder the man feels he is having one of the worst months of his life.The broadcaster posted about this on Twitter, which brought one of the best positive/negative comment ratios ever. While many comments assured him that everything would eventually be okay and that this was just a rough patch, some comments still spewed hatred at his “sell out a**.”Also read: Despite Twitch ban, Amouranth beats Pokimane & Valkyrae to become the most-watched streamerur mid i swear wasted my money on subbing to ur sell out ass— Freddyklabunde (@freddyklabunde) July 17, 2021While half of Twitter stands in support of Twitch streamer Adin Ross, many cannot stop hating the manThe 20-year-old rose to massive popularity with his NBA 2K20 group called Always Excelling, which was how he met Bronny James. He has many connections around LA, and his GTA streams have often featured many iconic rappers. However, his popularity concerning the quality of his streams has seen many call him a sellout and not liking Ross.Also read: Twitch streamer sleeping on live stream regrets her decision after an odd donation dropsyou fell off Bro. Stop tweeting and go improve your music before i remove you from all my playlists— ?????? ? (@FeelAloneCDQ) July 17, 2021Day 1 of Fraudin Ross saving gaming ?-Starts stream off with 5 minutes of reacting to unfunny clips ✅-Mr. Fraudin then eats 7 slices off Pizza while sitting there, moobs out trying to load up gta for 3 hours ??-Fatdin the millionaire then continues to cry about the WiFi— Connor (@yoConnorK) July 17, 2021 U fell off we don’t care about ssb world we miss the 2k grind me miss the gambling we miss the free styles with zais and blou I’m sorry but it’s just not fun anymore watching u— hunter (@hunterpiotrows1) July 17, 2021Your just dry without being carried by someone else! You made it this far using other people why stop now? You can’t do it solo Noone watches you they watch it for the entertainment around you.— x FAME o (@xFAMEo) July 17, 2021However, on a more wholesome note, here are some tweets that have been supportive of him:Love you bro. Stay up. You a good person, everything gone be alright. God got you. Lmk if you need anything ❤️— Paryeet ? (@paryeet) July 17, 2021Just gotta find yourself king , take a break if needed— AnnoyingTV (@MarioHTXX) July 17, 2021 God just giving you obstacles that he knoe you can knockdown. Hang in there everything will make sense when it’s set and done ❤️— SnaggyMo (@SnaggyMo) July 17, 2021Stay strong & keep pushing brody. All dis shit will pass I promise.— FaZe Rain (@FaZe_Rain) July 17, 2021Adin it’s just 1 bad month, look at how fast you blew up. You think kanye, drake, and others never had any bad months ? pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/BdiDBwVhdz— JUSTIN ? 1 7 ☄️??? (@xJahstin) July 17, 2021And finally, here is one that is “perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”Adin no troll your streams have been my source of happiness these past 6 months but this months has also been low for me and I had nothing to watch and I’m sorry but I subbed to Bruce this month I’ll still watch your streams adin all love— yo (@FranklinBorders) July 17, 2021 It is understandable for people to hate on a public figure. But there are times when they cross a line and get carried away with it, not realizing how it would affect the person concerned.Although much of what the haters say might be true, it is unacceptable to bombard someone mercilessly during their low point.Note: This article reflects the author’s views. Feedback 0 0 Reply x   Edit   Delete Delete the comment? No thanks Delete Cancel Update Login to reply Cancel Reply

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