U.S. restaurants scramble to reimpose rules.

U.S. restaurants scramble to reimpose rules.
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U.S. restaurants scramble to reimpose rules.

U.S. restaurants scramble to reimpose rules.

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus has become the most predominant variant in the United States and medical experts issue puzzling advice, restaurateurs once again find themselves making tough decisions. Where laws allow, many have started requiring customers to bring proof of vaccination before dinner.

The recent increase in infection rates had already prompted some restaurateurs to revise their rules. But the announcement Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that even those vaccinated would have to resume wearing masks indoors added a new urgency.

In states like California and New York, some restaurant owners are demanding that customers and employees be vaccinated and reinstate old health protocols, such as requiring both groups to wear masks. But in states like Florida and Arkansas, which have seen huge spikes in coronavirus cases, companies are prohibited from enforcing vaccine requirements and local governments cannot issue mask warrants. .

Danny Meyer, chief executive of Union Square Hospitality Group, which operates more than a dozen restaurants in New York and Washington, announced Thursday that starting September 7, all employees must be fully immunized.

“I just don’t want to see our business or our city come back to where we were last summer,” he said. “We have an answer, and that’s what the answer is, and these are the vaccines.”

But when Jill Ritchie, owner of Vegan Picnic in San Francisco, announced that customers would have to show proof of vaccination to eat indoors, she said she was getting hundreds of threatening messages a day and dozens of reviews a star of skeptics.

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Yelp issued a consumer warning for the restaurant regarding unusual review activity. People keep leaving negative reviews on Google based on its ad. “Come here to be discriminated against,” said a message.

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