UK49s Teatime Lottery Numbers For May 2, 2021; Check Winning Results

UK49s Teatime Lottery Numbers For May 2, 2021; Check Winning Results
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UK49s Teatime Lottery Numbers For Would perchance furthermore 2, 2021; Check out Winning Results

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The UK49s teatime lottery is feasible essentially the most supreme lotteries inside the UK and South Africa. The 49s lottery is drawn on each day foundation inside the UK. The draw for this lottery happens twice every day. As well to to the united kingdom49s teatime outcomes, there may be furthermore a lunchtime lottery draw that occurs. The lunchtime lottery takes construct at roughly 12: 49 p.m. GMT day after day.

UK’s 49s Teatime Lottery a hit numbers for Would perchance furthermore 2, 2021


The united kingdom49s teatime outcomes i.e. the a hit numbers are launched at 5: 49 p.m. GMT sometimes. Check out for the UK49s teatime outcomes for on the current time shortly as they’d be up to date right here. The 49’s lottery timing varies at instances. Whereas the lunchtime lottery outcomes time stays fixed, the teatime lottery outcomes’ time modifications. From October to February, the teatime lottery takes construct at 4: 49 p.m. and from February to October, it takes construct at 5: 49 p.m. GMT.


UK’s 49s Teatime Lottery Earlier Winning Numbers

The outdated 49s teatime lottery took construct on April 18 2021. The timing of this lottery was 5: 49 p.m. GMT. The a hit numbers of this lottery comprise been 3, 21, 26, 28, 34, 38.  The booster quantity was 2. We’re ready to furthermore portion details right here of the teatime scorching and funky numbers for these drawn to incandescent. The freshest numbers or the numbers which comprise popped up incessantly are 37, 15, 31, 34, 47 and 23. The freshest numbers for booster numbers by way of the teatime are 25, 9, 19, 35, 38 and 8.


How that you simply may play 49s lottery sport?

  • The 49s teatime lottery is equal to many fairly a ramification of lotteries accessible
  • For collaborating inside the 49s teatime lottery, you have to entice six numbers and one booster quantity from a ramification of 1 to 49 numbers
  • It absolutely relies upon upon on you whether or not or not you fill to should play a 6 quantity draw or a 7 quantity draw
  • The seven quantity draw entails a Booster ball that may enlarge your potentialities of a hit the lottery
  • You may presumably presumably additionally each resolve your personal numbers or let the Lucky Dip seize these numbers randomly for you


Place of the wager and prize cash

The mark of each wager (minimal stake) in each lunchtime or teatime is £1. For the 6 quantity draw, numbers are picked and if potential essentially the most picked numbers matches the a hit numbers then the a hit prize is £7 and if the similar takes construct inside the 7 quantity draw, it’s £6. For matching 2 a hit numbers inside the 6 quantity draw the prize is £54 and for the 7 quantity draw its £39.

The a hit prize for 3 numbers matching with the a hit numbers is £601 for the 6 quantity draw and for the 7 quantity draw it’s £330. If 4 numbers are matching then the prize is £7,200 inside the 6 quantity draw and inside the 7 quantity draw the a hit prize is £3,800. Within the wreck, for a bet that matches 5 numbers of the a hit numbers from the 6 quantity draw, the a hit prize is £125,000 and for the 7 quantity draw, if the similar happens, the a hit prize is £40,000.