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UK49s Teatime Lottery Numbers For May 9, 2021; Check Winning Results

UK49s Teatime Lottery Numbers For May 9, 2021; Check Winning Results
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UK49s Teatime Lottery Numbers For May 9, 2021; Check Winning Results
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UK49s Teatime Lottery Numbers For May perchance perchance additionally 9, 2021; Check First-rate Results

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The UK49s teatime lottery is seemingly one in all many biggest lotteries inside the UK and South Africa. The 49s lottery is drawn day-to-day inside the UK. The plot for this lottery happens twice day by day. As well as to the uk49s teatime outcomes, there’s moreover a lunchtime lottery plot that occurs. The lunchtime lottery takes disclose at roughly 12: 49 p.m. GMT daily.

UK’s 49s Teatime Lottery profitable numbers for May perchance perchance additionally 9, 2021


The uk49s teatime outcomes i.e. the profitable numbers are provided at 5: 49 p.m. GMT sometimes. Check for the UK49s teatime outcomes for as of late in a while as they are going to be up thus far right here. The 49’s lottery timing varies at cases. Whereas the lunchtime lottery outcomes time stays fastened, the teatime lottery outcomes’ time changes. From October to February, the teatime lottery takes disclose at 4: 49 p.m. and from February to October, it takes disclose at 5: 49 p.m. GMT.


UK’s 49s Teatime Lottery Previous First-rate Numbers

The outdated 49s teatime lottery took disclose on April 18 2021. The timing of this lottery modified into 5: 49 p.m. GMT. The profitable numbers of this lottery have been 3, 21, 26, 28, 34, 38.  The booster quantity modified into 2. We are going to acquire a contrivance to moreover share runt print right here of the teatime frosty and heat numbers for these drawn to determining. The preferred numbers or the numbers which beget popped up frequently are 37, 15, 31, 34, 47 and 23. The preferred numbers for booster numbers at some stage inside the teatime are 25, 9, 19, 35, 38 and 8.


The dependable answer to play 49s lottery sport?

  • The 49s teatime lottery is a akin to many different lotteries accessible
  • For taking part in the 49s teatime lottery, you must plot six numbers and one booster quantity from relatively a few 1 to 49 numbers
  • It totally will depend on you whether or not or now now not you fancy to favor to play a 6 quantity plot or a 7 quantity plot
  • The seven quantity plot includes a Booster ball that can lengthen your possibilities of profitable the lottery
  • It’s doable you may perchance properly presumably both favor your like numbers or let the Lucky Dip make use of these numbers randomly for you


Model of the wager and prize cash

The price of each wager (minimal stake) in both lunchtime or teatime is £1. For the 6 quantity plot, numbers are picked and if one in all many picked numbers matches the profitable numbers then the profitable prize is £7 and if the the identical takes disclose inside the 7 quantity plot, it’s £6. For matching 2 profitable numbers inside the 6 quantity plot the prize is £54 and for the 7 quantity plot its £39.

The profitable prize for 3 numbers matching with the profitable numbers is £601 for the 6 quantity plot and for the 7 quantity plot it’s £330. If 4 numbers are matching then the prize is £7,200 inside the 6 quantity plot and inside the 7 quantity plot the profitable prize is £3,800. Eventually, for a big gamble that matches 5 numbers of the profitable numbers from the 6 quantity plot, the profitable prize is £125,000 and for the 7 quantity plot, if the the identical happens, the profitable prize is £40,000.


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