US Govt Release Report On UFO And Aliens On Earth

US Govt Release Report On UFO And Aliens On Earth
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US Govt Release Report On UFO And Aliens On Earth

US Govt Release Report On UFO And Aliens On Earth

Sensational disclosure happened for the first time, US government released report on UFO, UFO sighted 144 times so far

New Delhi. Are we alone in space? Are there animals on other planets too? Do flying saucers (UFOs) come to Earth? Many such questions keep popping up in the minds of people. US intelligence agencies presented the much-awaited report about UFOs in Parliament on Friday for the first time. A large number of people were interested in the report. But for all US agencies equipped with intelligence and modern technology, UFOs still remain an enigma. According to the report, one in 144 cases of UFO sightings in US defense bases and maritime borders have been confirmed during the past decades. According to the report, there is insufficient data on UFOs. But investigators admitted that the sightings did show objects, but they could not be called UFOs.

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Balloon showing over Omaha
Intelligence agencies have been able to confirm about a UFO sighted on the US warship Omaha. The US Navy and pilots have called it a balloon. Along with this, efforts have been made to conclude in the report about three other sites in the report.

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sensory activities
The report said that military sensors identified unusual movements. But in the absence of data and other evidence, they cannot be declared as UFOs. Some alleged UFOs were also highly advanced.

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More questions than reports, less answers
With this nine-page report, less answers and more questions have started to arise. UFO experts say that facts have been hidden in the report. Whereas in the past, big budgets and experts were invested by the US governments to get information about UFOs.

Speaking on this whole subject, former US President Barack Obama said that we do not really know very well about UFOs. These are mysterious. But people take it very seriously and want to know about it.

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