US Navy robot USV Ship Ranger launches first large SM6 missile

US Navy robot USV Ship Ranger launches first large SM6 missile
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US Navy robot USV Ship Ranger launches first large SM6 missile

US Navy robot USV Ship Ranger launches first large SM6 missile


  • To maintain its dominance at sea, the United States began building robot warships
  • This is the first time that a US Navy robot warship has been able to launch a missile.
  • According to the Pentagon, the robot warship has fired a missile for the first time.

Struggling with the growing naval power of China and Russia, the superpower America has begun building robot warships to maintain its dominance at sea. This robotic warship has also succeeded in launching missiles for the first time. According to the Pentagon, one of its two prototype robotic warships has fired its killer missile for the first time.

The U.S. military on Friday praised the test of an SM-6 missile fired from an unmanned warship Ranger. The test was conducted off the coast of California. The army has called it ‘game changing’. Experts say the real ‘game changer’ will appear when a ranger or other unmanned warship is connected to a wide range of command and control and data networks. This network works like the pressure of war.

The use of artificial intelligence to walk without humans
The U.S. Navy wants to add a large number of unmanned warships to its fleet in the face of future challenges. Although they are very expensive. According to the Joe Biden administration, 77 to 140 unmanned warships and submarines will be included. The United States wants to keep the total number of its warships between 321 and 372. For this reason the testing of unmanned warships has now begun.

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The US Navy is now considering buying two more prototypes. These robotic warships are 175 feet long and are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and communications equipment. Artificial intelligence has been used to drive them without humans. It is made by American giant Raytheon. Both of these robot warships have traveled about 4000 nautical miles. These warships had left the Panama Canal on their own. SM-6 missiles have been deployed on this warship. If this American experiment is successful, the whole world could move towards a robotic warship in the near future. Only this can change the map of war.

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