Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update: Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update

Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update: Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update
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Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update: Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update

Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update: Varanasi Tilak Raj Kapoor Latest News Update


  • Tilak Raj Kapoor, 92, is a courageous and social person
  • The eyes of this brave man are wet with memories of the situation he witnessed in terms of freedom.
  • The 11 lashes he received in prison in March 1943 still evoke in his heart a passion for freedom.

Abhishek Jha, Varanasi
The country is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its independence. Much has changed in these 75 years, but those who have seen it are still afraid of being enslaved again. Tilak Raj Kapoor, who lives in Parade Kothi area of ​​the city and was awarded the President’s Medal during the partition of Bangladesh in 1971, is famous in Varanasi.

Tilak Raj Kapoor is a brave and social person, but his eyes are also wet from remembering the state of freedom he saw in his eyes. Born on March 20, 1929 at the home of Devi Dutt in Lahore, Tilak Raj Kapoor (92) spoke of the era of independence, when those 6 months of independence swam like tears in his eyes. Tilak smiled and said that on Independence Day I remember the voter of freedom. When the conversation with Tilak began, Tilak said that everything was fine, but the 11 whipped sentences he received in prison in March 1943 still evoked a love of freedom in his heart.

Independence Day: Dil Ki Baat for the country

He used to participate in satyagraha with his father
Tilak Raj Kapoor said that when I was 15 years old, I used to go to Satyagraha movements with my father. A high scaffolding was erected at the place of Satyagraha, which got a place in that scaffolding was considered as Satyagraha. When the August Revolution (Quit India Movement) started in 1942, I was very young, but like my father, I wanted to make the country independent, so I asked for a job for myself. I got the job of writing slogans on the walls, which I did well. The whole country had jumped into that movement. Everyone wanted freedom.

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She does not forget the punishment of 11 whips
Tilak Raj Kapoor’s freedom struggle had many stages. When Firangi had to face, get injured, eat sticks but Tilak still has not forgotten the 11 whips he ate in the March 1943 prison. Tilak says, ‘Satyagrahi was sitting on the scaffolding. Somehow I also climbed the cradle and was arrested along with the Satyagrahis. Seeing my age, I was sentenced to 11 lashes. Due to my young age while in jail, the duty of supplying water to the Satyagrahis was imposed on me by the Firangis. Even today, when I often remember those whips, the love of freedom awakens in my heart.

The scent of freedom began to waft from two months ago
Tilak says, ‘When the talk of independence started in 1947, the partition gap first came to the fore. The fundamentalists of both societies were determined to keep themselves separate. We got independence on 15th August 1947, but the fragrance of independence started wafting in Lahore and other border provinces 2 months ago. But it also included the smell and scream of human blood. All around, the radicals were seen announcing, riots broke out. There was no guarantee that anyone would reach their home safely after leaving the street. Screaming and hitting was common all around. Every day there was a murder near our house.

‘Riots continue for two months after independence’
Kapoor says independence was being celebrated in the streets of India and there were fears of riots in Punjab. The train carrying Muslims from here was set on fire by Hindu fundamentalists. Muslim extremists used to stop the train coming from there and dismember all the passengers. After October, the situation returned to normal. People took refuge in refugee camps and saved their lives. Seventeen members of our family also took refuge in the refugee camp for a month. After walking one kilometer from the camp, he came to India by train from Mandi Bahuuddin (now in Pakistan) station.

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Impressed by Gandhi’s non-violence
Tilak Raj Kapoor said that he was studying in Meerut before he jumped into the freedom struggle. Every day, Gandhiji’s non-violence was discussed with his classmates. I could not stop myself when Gandhiji called the whole country in the August Revolution. Once in a lifetime, on the way from Lahore to the Frontier, I had the opportunity to meet Gandhiji at the Lala Musa railway station (now in Pakistan) and once in a prayer meeting in Delhi after independence.

Tilak Raj Kapoor

Tilak Raj Kapoor

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