Varun dhawan experienced ghost in his hotel room

Varun dhawan experienced ghost in his hotel room
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Varun dhawan experienced ghost in his hotel room

Varun dhawan experienced ghost in his hotel room

New Delhi: Those who see diamonds in reel life and impress people with their acting, when they get into trouble in real life, they also sweat. The same happened with Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan when he was busy on S shoot. Although he had heard many tales of ghosts, but when Varun realized being a ghost in real life, he also understood the reality.


This is about the days when Varun Dhawan was on US tour for the film ‘ABCD 2’. In connection with the shooting, when he stayed in the Sinatra Suite located in Las Vegas, USA. In America, this place is known as Haunted Place. Even today people believe that the ghost of famous American singer and actor Frank Sinatra roams in this place. In such a situation, when Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan reached that hotel with American crew members, he got to narrate the story here.


In the spare time, there used to be talk of ghosts between Varun and the crew members.

While staying there, there were frequent discussions on ghosts between Varun and the American crew members. Members told Varun that whenever Frank Sinatra used to come to Las Vegas for some work, he used to stay in this hotel, Frank Sinatra even started considering this hotel as his second home, which is why he used to roam here even after his death. appear.


Varun felt the sounds in the room!

Actually, after a day’s shoot, one day Varun came to his room for rest due to fatigue and was trying to sleep, only then he felt a strange feeling in each room, felt some noise from the room, after some time There Varun felt as if the sound of someone’s song was coming, the doors of the room also started opening automatically.

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Varun was in panic

During an interview, Varun himself shared the experience of that incident. He revealed his fear, saying, “I just felt that someone was singing, but whether it was true or my illusion, I can’t say anything for sure, however, I was very scared at that time.”

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