Vikings: War of Clans APK for Android – Download

Vikings: War of Clans APK for Android – Download
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Vikings: War of Clans APK for Android – Download

Vikings: War of Clans APK for Android – Download

Vikings War of Clans is the management and strategy game with the player’s goal is to build their Viking town. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to fight as well as conqueror your neighboring towns.

At the start of the Viking game, the player’s town will have limited structures and many of them are all low-level ones. As the player gets money and resources, they can start to build up different kinds of structures like salons, barracks, and forges. One main thing to remember here is that player can level up their main town buildings such as the Oracle and the house of Jarl.

In order for players to engage in battles with others in Viking War of Clans. They need to have soldiers and for getting these soldiers, one needs to have barracks and lots of money. Among many different kinds of soldiers, a player can recruit include archers, assassins, cavalry, mercenaries, and furies. Each of these soldiers comes with their weak and strong points but they will be willing to serve their lord with their life on the line. Try Clash of Clans if you want to enjoy team battle.

Features of Vikings: War of Clans:

  • One needs to increase the power of their Viking Empire and not allow for their enemies to have a chance of survival after the battle. Players need to recruit and train their soldiers to develop flawless strategies as well as sly tactics.
  • Players can do espionage missions and craft mighty weapons as the war will soon be upon them. This war is controlled by leaders of empires.
  • One needs to start building powerful structures and buildings. They can upgrade these structures by having more money and doing so will make a player come closer to victory than ever.

A player can look for their friends on Vikings: War of Clans to form an alliance to prove that the might of a military family is more than that of a single lord.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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