Virat’s team will play in its own way but we will not be affected in any way

Virat’s team will play in its own way but we will not be affected in any way
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Virat’s team will play in its own way but we will not be affected in any way

Virat’s team will play in its own way but we will not be affected in any way

Leeds, Aug 23 (PTI) India made an unforgettable victory in the second Test at Lord’s, using their attacking prowess, despite England’s repeated attempts to harass the Indians and their skipper Joe Root’s avoidance in the third Test starting here on Wednesday.

The second Test was played in a busy atmosphere and the players of both the teams did not shy away from constant debates.

India are 1-0 up in the series and Virat Kohli’s side are expected to be more aggressive after tasting victory, but Root said his team has learned a lesson from previous encounters and is not embroiled in unnecessary controversy.

He said, “During the game, the situation was like a theater. We made sure we played the way we wanted to play and we controlled as much as we could. We didn’t want to be too distracted or attracted to things that weren’t honest.

“We have to be honest with ourselves, we have to pay attention to how we behave individually and collectively,” Root said. It should be as good as it gets. The way Virat’s team will play, I just want to present ourselves in the best way we can when we take the field.

The England captain said: “We learned a lot from the last game and I think in some respects we could have done better. As captain I could have done some things differently.

“We have three big matches to play in this series, a lot is in danger right now in this tournament,” Root said. And you know we’re looking forward to a strong comeback. ”

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England have made some changes to the squad, with David Malan batting third and Haseeb Hamid starting the innings with Rory Burns. Opener Dom Sibley has been ruled out and Mark Wood will miss the third Test due to a shoulder injury.

Root hopes Malan will be able to make an impact. However, he does not have much experience in Test matches.

Root said: “David (Malan) certainly has a lot of experience in the first three, not just in Test cricket, but he has played a lot of international cricket, he knows how to deal with a situation of oppression.”

On Wood’s exit, he said, “I think Shakib is in a better position to play Test cricket, you can see how he has progressed in all formats over the years.”

Root is scoring the most runs for his team but the captain is confident that the rest of his batsmen will return to form soon.

“The most important thing in batting in Test cricket is a big partnership. When two batsmen stay together for a while, the situation may look completely different. As a batting group, you have to focus.

He credited the Indian fast bowlers for taking full advantage of the situation in England.

Root said: “He has a great bowling attack. If you look at Test cricket, he has a great bowler in his team. His bowling was adapted to the conditions in England or he adapted well to the situation.

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