Weight loss surgery: Obesity is a risk factor for coronavirus collapse

Weight loss surgery: Obesity is a risk factor for coronavirus collapse
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Weight loss surgery: Obesity is a risk factor for coronavirus collapse

Weight loss surgery: Obesity is a risk factor for coronavirus collapse

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Corona is more dangerous for obese people and diabetics. In such people any kind of infection becomes serious. This severity has been found to be higher in corona than in other infections. This is why people are undergoing bariatric surgery to treat obesity. Three to four bariatric surgeries are performed every week at an institution like AIIMS. Corona infection proves to be several times more dangerous in people with obesity and diabetes.

Not only that, in the past these patients had to be counseled for this surgery, today the patients are coming themselves and asking for the date of the surgery. Doctors say people are coming forward for surgery to reduce their weight in fear of the third wave of corona, so that the effect of the infection will be reduced.

2-3 times higher risk than normal people
AIIMS bariatric surgeon Dr Sandeep Agarwal said corona infections were serious in obese people. It is two to three times more severe than the general population, increasing the risk of hospitalization, ventilator access, and death. Any infection in obese people is dangerous, covid is even more dangerous.

Is surgery safe?
Dr. Sandeep, citing a review article, said that in obese people, excess fat increases the inflammatory signs, which in turn increases the disease. He cited another article and said that bariatric surgery is safe even in the corona period. It was previously said that people who had this surgery could have more problems if they became infected after the surgery. But, now it is clear that there is no such thing. This surgery is safe.

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Mostly obese people with diabetes
Doctors said that previously this surgery was recommended only for those with 35 BMI, but now this surgery is also suitable for those with 30 BMI. He said that what should weigh 75 kg is 100 kg. On average, obese people weigh 20 to 25 kilograms more than they do. One-third of those who are obese are also diabetic, and those who are diabetic with obesity are many times more likely to develop corona.

navbharat timesCorona doesn’t go anywhere for months, the third wave will come in 3 months? Experts claim
Bariatric surgery is the right solution for this

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that not only helps with weight loss but also helps control diabetes. After bariatric surgery, diabetes is cured in 80 percent of people and diabetes improves in 20 percent of people. Dr. Sandeep said that the danger of the third wave remains. In the past we used to counsel people for this surgery, then someone would be ready. But today people are becoming aware, health information and awareness has increased among the people. Right now people are coming live and asking for a date for surgery. Demand has doubled. Obesity involves three to four surgeries per week. These are good signs.

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