What Are Examples of a Preview Statement?

A preview statement, or thesis statement, is a short remark towards the beginning of an article or speech that summarises the main points of the piece. In order to smooth transitions and prime the audience for subsequent material, it is not uncommon to employ further preview statements further along in the text.

The preview statement follows the opening phrases that are meant to pique the reader’s interest. To ensure that the reader or listener is focused on the proper subjects throughout the essay or speech, a preview statement should outline the important arguments or points. The preview statement’s precise form shifts based on the article’s subject matter.

The preview statement for expository writing enumerates the key points using suitable transitional words. For instance: “First, I’ll go over the general guidelines for the breed, then I’ll explain how dog shows are judged, and finally I’ll run down the lingo commonly used at these events.”

Preview statements in persuasive speeches and essays outline the main issues to be proven and provide a quick overview of the supporting evidence. So, for instance, one might say something like, “I propose that eggs be part of a balanced diet, and that current scientific evidence shows that they do not raise cholesterol levels or increase the risk of heart disease.” The best preview statements continue the logic established in the introduction and serve as a seamless segue to the main body of the speech or article.

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