What Are Examples of Generic Brands?

WalMart’s Great Value brand, Kroger, Safeway, Meijer, Publix ice cream, Target, and Wegmans are examples of generic brands. These generic brands all sell groceries. Target, Meijer, and Walmart also sell numerous non-grocery items under their respective generic labels.

Generic brands are non-advertised consumer products. Generally, they are less expensive since brand-name products’ prices are frequently exaggerated by advertising costs. Generic products are noted for their simple packaging and labelling, which contributes to their reduced prices. Frequently, retailers offer generic brands next to name brands in an attempt to persuade shoppers to choose the less expensive generic brand.

Also prevalent in the prescription medicine sector are generics. When a new medication is generated, both a brand name and a generic name are assigned to it. The brand name refers to a product created by the firm that developed it, but the generic term is used when the drug is produced by a different pharmaceutical company. In the United States, new medications are sold only under their brand names until the patent expires. At that point, generic medication producers may produce the drug under its generic name. Since brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals are required by law to have identical active ingredients, many consumers choose the less priced generic.

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