What Are Examples of Institutional Advertising?

Institutional advertising includes things like public service announcements and programmes that reach out to the community. These kinds of ads are meant to build goodwill between a business and its current or potential customers.

For example, a tobacco company can use institutional advertising to make an anti-smoking commercial that warns people about the dangers of its products. Beer and liquor companies can also run ads that tell people how dangerous it is to drive after drinking.

Many companies use indirect advertising campaigns in institutions to let people know about the good things they do. For example, an oil company could make a public statement, commercial, or documentary about its ongoing efforts to make sure that its actions, products, or services don’t hurt the local, regional, national, or global environment.

Some companies, like pork farmers, make commercials about the nutrients in their food that are shown in institutions. These companies can also say that they promise not to put antibiotics or other chemicals into their products that can cause health problems in humans.

Institutional advertising is also done through programmes that reach out to the community. Some examples of this kind of company promotion are blood drives, canned food drives, AIDS awareness events, cancer screenings, and holiday gift or food delivery drives for homeless people.

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