What Are Examples of Organizational Policies?

Some examples of organisational policies are hiring staff, how to handle conflicts, the code of conduct for employees, internal and external relationships, privacy, the community resource index (CRI), pay, safety and security, and ethics. The New South Wales Department of Education and Training says that other policies could be about employee relations and benefits, organisational and employee development, information, communication, and technology issues, and corporate social responsibility.

Organizational policies are rules that tell people what to do and how to do it in a business or government agency. Depending on what kind of organisation it is, the types of policies will be different. Policies can be things like directions, laws, rules, or regulations. The New South Wales Department of Education and Training says that the two main sources of organisational policies are laws or guidelines from outside the organisation and policies made by the organisation itself. Acts of Parliament and other outside rules often have an effect on the policies made by an organisation.

Each organisation should come up with its own policies that meet its own needs. When an organisation doesn’t have good policies, it can run into operational, legal, and moral problems. For example, if a company doesn’t have a good hiring policy that takes into account equal employment opportunities, it could get in trouble with the law or with the regulatory authorities.

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