What Are Examples of Skilled Workers?

Nolo lists administrative assistant, sales representative, customer service representative, tailor, nurse, office clerk, teacher, fast-food cook, travel agent, and mortgage processor as occupations requiring skilled people. Some occupations are categorised as semiskilled, such as grocery store cashiers, self-service gas stations, and change booths.

Decision-making and problem-solving abilities are required for skilled labour. Often, sound judgement is crucial. Measuring, calculating, reading, and estimating are frequently required skills for skilled jobs. Applicants seeking skilled positions are frequently required to possess a college degree or professional training. Typically, learning a skilled occupation takes between six and twelve months.

Semi-skilled employment does not necessitate sophisticated job duties, but risk and attention to detail are frequently included in job descriptions. Candidates for semiskilled positions do not require extensive education or training. Monitoring, quality control, and repetitive duties are typical of semiskilled occupations. Typically, it takes three to six months to acquire these abilities.

Unskilled labour entails easy tasks that do not demand discretion. Numerous unskilled occupations demand physical strength and coordination. They are often learned in less than one month. Parking lot attendant, janitor, fast restaurant worker, line operator, and messenger are examples of unskilled jobs.

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