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What are Landorus’ weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

What are Landorus’ weaknesses in Pokemon GO?
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What are Landorus’ weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

Now that Pokemon GO has began releasing the Forces of Nature from Era V, everybody’s in search of methods to cope with these highly effective menaces. Landorus could be the hardest of the trio.

With 289 Assault, Landorus is a looming menace to a lot of the meta. Mud Shot into Earthquake does an enormous quantity of DPS. It additionally occurs to be a Raid boss on the time of writing, so it’s going to take some sturdy Pokemon and companions to deliver it down.

The excellent news is that trainers can presumably get their fingers on this powerhouse if they will deliver Pokemon to counter it.

Right here are the very best methods to make use of in opposition to Landorus.

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What are Landorus’ weaknesses in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Picture by way of The Pokemon Firm

Ice-type Pokemon are the bane to Landorus’ existence. Landorus is each Floor-type and Flying-type; each of which are weak to Ice. Ice-type assaults do a large 256% harm.

These assaults can simply wipe out Landorus earlier than it might get off an excessive amount of harm. Mamoswine and Weavile in specific make good counters, each of which have Shadow types that are extraordinarily highly effective.

Defensive Flying-type Pokemon are additionally wonderful at coping with Landorus. Floor strikes solely do 39% to those Pokemon, so they might critically deplete the harm output Landorus normally does.

This could be a bit scary, although, since Landorus also can be taught Stone Edge as a cost transfer, which may put a dent into Flying-type Pokemon. A few of them, like Dragonite, can take just a few Stone Edges whereas resisting Landorus’ quick assault.

So, if a coach doesn’t have any of those Pokemon, followers could be questioning if theyt flat out lose to Landorus? Not precisely. Cumbersome Water-types also can carry out nicely, since they will take punishment from Landorus and reply with tremendous efficient harm.

These Pokemon may apply to extra trainers since Water-types are ample these days. Any coach who prepares for PVP mode might need some Water-type Pokemon since they work very well in that format. Pokemon like Swampert and Blastoise have been seeing respectable utilization, and both of them can handle Landorus.

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