What Are Some Effective Link Building Strategies

When it comes to SEO, many areas can be explored by a professional SEO company, with the ultimate goal of giving you a boost in traffic and profits. SEO can be divided into technical, on-page, or off-page SEO, and the latter can be especially tricky for most people as its effectiveness can often not be directly influenced by the actions we take on our website. Off-page SEO refers to activities that relate to our domain but are not under our direct control, and the best example in this area is the presence of backlinks.

To simplify things, backlinks are nothing more than links connecting two or more sites. An author inserts them in the text to refer to the content of another domain, and it is a way for search engines to classify the quality of a site. A self-respecting SEO company will prioritize backlink gathering and develop a suite of link building strategies for the client, all aimed at improving their score in the SERPs. But what do these link building packages consist of, and how can they positively influence your business? The following article will answer these questions and demonstrate the need for a mature SEO strategy to get your business where it deserves.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are the easiest way for a search engine to tell the quality of content created on a site. Suppose you get many backlinks from sites with high domain authority. In that case, this is a sign to Google that you are relevant enough to your field of activity to be cited, and therefore your content will be promoted and pushed forward in the SERPs. Sites that promote this content also get a slight boost in the search engine rankings, and their audiences can overlap with yours, which is an advantage for both entities.

Most pages (and especially blogs) on the internet are a barren wasteland, 94% of them not containing any backlinks, making it very difficult for crawlers to index them. But things change if you are interested in promoting yourself on the first page of Google results. Backlinks are the primary tool by which search engines can tell the quality of the content published by a website. Being an off-page activity, getting backlinks requires complex link building strategies, for which you need to think outside the box. But what are some of these strategies?

Looking at Your Competitors

With tools like LinkMiner, you can analyze and compare the backlinks your competitors have access to. Being in the same field of activity as you, your competitors probably receive backlinks from sites that would also be interested in content written by you. Once you have a complete list, you can contact these sites and submit some of your articles. Most likely, a few of them will be interested in what you have to say.

Remember that for link building packages, the most important thing is the manual outreach to different domains. Identifying the backlinks that might refer to your site is a necessary process, which can be done through a variety of link building strategies, but the final step, negotiating with the respective domains, must always be done manually, and here you need to know how to present your case as well as possible. When it comes to link-building strategies, you need both technical knowledge and sufficient sales skills. The professional SEO team of GAMIT SEO Company can help you design a personalized link building plan for the success of your online business.

Analyzing Broken Links

Link-building packages can come with different strategies that can prove helpful. One that can prove surprisingly effective is analyzing sites in your field with tools like Ahrefs Broken Link Checker, where you can find backlinks to sites that are no longer active. You can then contact the page that’s offering the promotion and suggest changing the dead link with one directed to your content.

This method is effective because missing or broken backlinks can seriously affect the discoverability of content by potential visitors and can significantly affect search engine crawlers. It’s a win-win for both you, as you get a new backlink, and for the site promoting you, as they get rid of a broken link that could damage them.

Try to Get on Lists

An excellent opportunity to get backlinks is by creating content that can easily be included on a site that deals with different rankings. The best link building packages often include content writing guidelines that should be followed so that other sites can more highly recommend the content on your domain. For example, you may have a site selling pre-entrepreneurial courses or video tutorials for business operations. In this case, a good idea might be to search and contact sites that deal with listing classes in the business space.

If you deal with somewhat more artistic fields, such as photography, then your listing on list sites will probably be even more accessible, as your work relies mainly on visuals, which have significantly more potential than simple text. And speaking of visuals:

Don’t Focus Just on Text

Although the vast majority of pages on the internet are a barren wasteland that may not be easily accessible to most users looking for content and are not appropriately indexed due to a total lack of backlinks, things start to change when it comes to the pages you can find on the first page of a search engine. Over 43% of all sites that appear on the first page of Google benefit from multiple backlinks, and these don’t necessarily have to be hyperlinks that you insert into the middle of a text. There are other ways to get links back to your site, and an excellent way to do this is by creating graphical elements such as images or infographics.

Proper link building packages take advantage of the fact that these are elements that attract more visitor attention. Infographics are also a little harder to find than regular articles, which can attract more referrals. Here’s an example: Let’s say you have a blog in which you talk about the economic fluctuations that are happening at the moment. A simple text would not be enough to illustrate your point of view properly; hence you start creating different infographics in which the critical facts of your articles are presented in a simplified way. These infographics are easy to understand and have more potential for interactivity than simple text, so the chances of them being used by other authorities in the field, perhaps even by sites with excellent DA, will increase significantly.

Focus on the Quality of the Backlinks

It is crucial for your website to receive a significant number of backlinks from different pages, but for these links to be financially relevant, you need to consider their quality. What is a quality backlink? First of all, it refers to a backlink that has been inserted naturally into a text or image and that does not affect the natural flow of an article. Secondly, it’s a referral from an external website that is considered an authority in its respective domain of activity.

Let’s say you get five backlinks from a new site that doesn’t have a significant DA score and that doesn’t necessarily operate in the same field of activity as you. Besides the fact that the two audiences of the website probably don’t overlap, and you won’t get a significant boost in sales, the fact that the DA score of the respective website is not high will also not bring you any significant advantage in terms of your position in the SERPs. It’s better than nothing, but it can be better.

On the other hand, if you receive a single backlink from a website with a high DA score, which operates in a similar field of activity, then the advantages are numerous. You’ll automatically get a considerable boost in search engine algorithms. And, as the audiences of the two sites are similar, new visitors will likely be genuinely interested in the products or services you market, so you could also have some new clients.

Your Connections Are the Best Link Building Strategies

A professional SEO company can come up with many strategies and link building packages, but ultimately one of the best ways to get a large number of backlinks is through the connections you make in the industry. From using social media to promote your website to using forums, Facebook groups, or inviting guests to write on your blog, proper link building strategies always have to do with integrating into online communities and exemplifying their role in long-term collaborations.

When it comes to link building strategies, there is no winning formula. Instead, these packages are simply a set of tactics that any self-respecting company should use to ensure a website’s continuous growth. Link building packages are off-page operations, which, more than any other SEO process, are influenced by the experience of the person in charge of your website and their pursuit skills. The content on your site is, of course, the main reason you will receive these backlinks, but how they will be presented to different collaborators is, in many ways, the most complicated aspect of SEO for someone who has yet to gain experience in online marketing.

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