What Are Some Examples of Occupational Goals?

According to CareerOneStop from the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, a job goal could be to get the licence or certification you need to work as a doctor, financial adviser, or other professional. Shelagh Dillon of the Houston Chronicle says that if you want to get better at your job or specialise in it, you may need to set more goals. This is something you should do throughout your career, since most jobs don’t last a lifetime.

CareerOneStop says that a person’s career goals should be based on an evaluation of their skills, accomplishments, and aptitude, as well as a review of their career, education, volunteer work, and other relevant experience. Jared Lewis of the Houston Chronicle says it’s helpful to figure out why you want to reach a certain goal, what steps you need to take, and what might happen if you don’t take those steps.

Lewis says that goals should be set in order of importance and changed every so often over the course of a career. Changes in technology and laws can mean that people in many fields need to get new training and certification. Corporate training programmes can be good for both employees and employers. They can help workers keep up with changes in their field, which can be helpful if they decide to look for a new job or if they are fired.

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