What Are Some Industries in the Midwest?

In the past, hunting, fishing, and farming were the main industries in the Midwest. However, in recent years, mining and steel production have grown throughout the region. Encyclopedia.com says that the Midwest has a wide range of industries because it has a lot of natural resources and farmland.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio are all in the Midwest of the United States. Native Americans were the first people to live there. Pioneers moved there because of the land’s rich soil and large lakes, prairies, and forests. Even during the Industrial Revolution, most people in the Midwest farmed, hunted, or fished for a living. Because the land was so fertile, traders were able to sell their crops, meat, and animal skins to the East, where farming and hunting were less successful.

With the Industrial Revolution came the mining of ore and the making of steel. In many parts of the Midwest, valuable rocks and iron were found, which led to the growth of the mining and steel industries. Cities along major rivers and the Great Lakes started to grow and become important in world trade because they were easy to get to. Even now, the Midwest has a lot of business. Huge amounts of land are still used for farming, and big industries like making steel, mining, and making cars do well throughout the whole region.

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