What Are Some of the Cookies Discontinued by Nabisco?

Butter Cookies, Mystic Mints, and Marshmallow Sandwiches are just a few of Nabisco’s extinct cookie varieties. Assortment boxes that included the Kettle Cookie were also removed from shelves.

Marshmallow sandwiches made by Nabisco were a staple of American culture from the 1940s through the 1960s. Many people associate a marzipan flavour with the cake-like biscuits used to make Marshmallow Sandwiches. Nabisco pulled the cookies from shelves in the 1970s and replaced them with the more lucrative Mallomars.

The Mystic Mint cookie is another Nabisco treat that has been taken off the shelves. Popular in the 1970s, these cookies were a gentler take on the Oreo, including a cream filling and cookie halves. The cookie was covered in a chocolate mint icing all the way around. Mystic Mints have been likened to both Girl Scout Thin Mints and mint-flavored Oreos in terms of taste.

Butter Cookies, which were round and flower-shaped with a hole in the middle, were another Nabisco product that was axed. These biscuits resembled Danish butter cookies in flavour and texture. The cookies apparently broke too easily in packing and were too expensive to create, so Nabisco stopped making them.

Nabisco also had selection packages, which are now discontinued. Variety was the key selling point for these cookie selection packets, which were intended for gatherings of friends and family. Oreos, Butter Cookies, Sugar Wafers, and Kettle Cookies were all part of the assortments. When Nabisco stopped selling this variety pack, the Kettle Cookie along with it went out of production.

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